Student Health and Wellness Fee 

The purpose of the Student Health and Wellness Fee is to provide Tulane Students with comprehensive, medical, mental health, and health promotion services. The fee is automatically assessed to most full time undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The fee provides student’s access to the Uptown and Downtown Health Center for medical visits, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and services provided through the Center for Wellness & Health Promotion (theWELL). The fee allows students to see campus providers at any of these locations and to participate in sponsored programs or activities at no additional charge.

Student Health Insurance

Any student (part-time, continuing studies, or other) not automatically assessed the fee must pay the fee in order to have access to services. The fee will be charged at the time of service.

Fee Structure

1. Fall Semester (July 1-December 31): $320.00
2. Spring Semester (January 1- June 30): $320.00
3. Graduating seniors who will not be continuing at Tulane may utilize services until May 31.
4. Students who are not automatically assessed the fee may use (the SHC) our Referral
    Coordinator to locate a community provider.

Other Fees

The fee does not provide health insurance nor will the Student Health Center, CAPS, or theWELL bill third party insurance. There are charges for the following services:

1. Laboratory Tests
2. Injections Fee Structure
3. Medications and Medical Supplies
4. Medical Procedures
5. Physical Examinations (form/document physicals)
6. Appointment No Show Fee

Payment for these services is expected at the time of service. Student Health accepts credit cards; the Tulane University sponsored health insurance plan, Splash/Debit cards and Accounts Receivable as payment for services. Student Health will bill the student’s account for any unpaid charges.

The Pharmacy will accept most insurance plans for prescriptive medications beginning August 2014.


Any person presenting in acute distress and in need of immediate attention or service, will be assessed and cared for based on best practice which could include calling Tulane Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) or a referral to a community provider. The mission of Student Health Center and CAPS is to ensure that all students receive the best and most appropriate care possible.

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