Health Insurance Information for Parents

Make sure your student has health insurance coverage either under your policy or independently. Check your out of state benefits to make sure he/she is eligible for health care here in New Orleans. If your student is not insured or is under-insured we strongly urge you to get adequate coverage. Without insurance, an unexpected accident or illness can quickly generate large medical bills. For more information, please read our Insurance page.

Take a few moments to explain to your student how his or her insurance works. Does the student need a referral? Do they need to use a particular network of doctors? Is there a co pay for prescription drug coverage? Many insurance companies will only cover the cost of care at specific hospitals/clinics. If your student requires x-rays or specialty care it is important for them to know where their care will be covered.

The Student Health Center fee has been assessed to you already if your son/daughter is a full time student. This fee allows them to be seen at the Student Health Center at no additional charge for the physician visit. We are equipped to handle the majority of issues for college students including minor injuries. Sometimes, however, your student will be referred for specialty care, for example, ER, orthopedics or ophthalmology. In this event they will need to have a copy of their insurance card.

The Student Health Center, including pharmacy and lab, does not accept or bill health insurance. Although costs are minimal, your student may incur charges for procedures, lab tests or medicines. If requested, we will give your student a copy of a receipt that is suitable for you to submit to your insurance.

REMINDER: Give your student a copy of your medical insurance card before arriving on campus, and encourage him/her to carry it.


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