Full-Time Students

The University requires that all full time students carry  medical insurance equal to or greater than the University’s sponsored plan while attending Tulane University. Each year, full time students must either enroll in the University sponsored Student Health Insurance plan, or waive enrollment in this plan by providing proof of other adequate coverage. This enrollment/waiver requirement must be met each year during the Fall semester or in the Spring for students enrolling as full time for the first time in January.

Students enrolled for full time for Spring  2014 who were not full time in Fall 2013 must complete the on-line enrollment/waiver process by February 1, 2014.  Failure to complete the on-line waiver form will result in the full time student's automatic enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan and the premium charged to the student's Accounts Receivable.  Charges for premiums cannot be removed after February 1, 2014.  Part-time, dissertation, research, executive program students and previously enrolled dependents are not automatically enrolled.

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