Our program starts with an online placement course called American Academic English (here).

From this, you make a plan called English Language Goals.

Then enroll in the programs that will meet your goals through our EAPP program.

Finally, display your proficiency to employers and graduate schools through our English Language Passport system.

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Directed by: Robert Connor, Ph.D.

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Click here to view information on the Teaching ESL Endorsement program.

What’s the purpose of the course?

EDUC 3210 Methods for teaching English as a Second Language provides a foundation in education and ESL.  It specifically focuses on what to do during a course to aid in the acquisition of language.

What’s the course about?

The syllabus is here.  Basically, this three-credit course teaches you what to do in an ESL class regardless of the student’s origin or level. It is the only formal credit course available in the area.

Why would I take this course?

1. It is one of four courses required by the state of Louisiana Department of Education for an ESL endorsement. This area is a critical shortage area identified by Tulane’s Teacher Preparation and Certification Program.  ESL is also an area of shortage in local school systems.

2. It contributes to the Peace Corps Prep Initiative which recommends at least three ESL courses before application to the Peace Corps. It is also preparation for Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships and the Center for Public Service’s nascent pathways to service initiative.

3. For anyone completing this four-course series, the Louisiana Department of Education would present a certificate.

What is the four-course series?

EDUC 3210 Methods for teaching English as a second language: What to do in the classroom

EDUC 3220 Structure of the English language for teaching: Know the subject you are teaching

EDUC 3230 Language and culture in the classroom: How people interact with language

EDUC 3240 Curriculum design for the multicultural classroom: What to do to make a course




The non-credit enrichment program starts January 28. Sign up here (

 The English for Academic and Professional Purposes (EAPP) program is a free, non-credit, ungraded program that is open to everyone. Students, scholars, and professionals learn the specialized English found in American universities and workplaces. This project-based, integrated skills course offers a foundation in all the modalities of English (writing, speaking, reading, listening) and aspects (vocabulary, grammar, and socialization). Students enrolled in the EAPP program improve language skills by using web-based studies and in-person sessions in order to accommodate busy schedules. Participants can also receive optional, personalized communication assistance through individualized English sessions and regular meetings with a conversation partner. Sign up here (

We call our program English for Academic and Professional Purposes (Tulane EAPP) because the basic goal of our program is to help students, scholars, and professionals learn the specialized English of American universities and workplaces.  Our program starts with specific tasks and works backwards to decipher what English skills should be taught.  Though all our students and scholars have taken English classes for years, they find our task and goal-oriented courses useful preparation so that they can feel confident in their work and studies at Tulane.

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