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Aid for Combined Degree Students (MD/MPH)

Medical students have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) while working on their medical degree. Those students who are officially enrolled as MD/MPH Combined Degree students, will have tuition and fees charged via a special billing. For the details of how the public health tuition and fees are charged, you will need to consult with program manager of the MD/MPH Combined Degree Program.

Most combined degree students will have to enroll in public health courses that are offered in the summer sessions. Students enrolled in summer will be able to obtain financial aid to pay for their living expenses during the period of summer enrollment.

MD/MPH Combined Degree Students who want summer financial aid must complete a 2015 Summer Addendum.  In order to allow timely arrival of your aid, you should turn in you Summer Addendum as soon as possible after registering for classes in April.  However, be aware that The DEADLINE is June 15 of each summer. For more information on summer aid processing, you may want to review the Power Point presentation used at the 2012 Summer Workshop.


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