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Tuition Exchange Program Exports (dependents of Tulane University faculty/staff) Policy for 2014 – 2015

General Information
Tulane is currently a member of the Tuition Exchange Program (, a consortium of over 500 colleges and universities, that offer scholarships to the dependents of faculty and staff employed at member institutions.  As a member of the consortium, Tulane has agreed to maintain a balance between the number of students sponsored by Tulane (“exports”) and the number of Tuition Exchange scholarships awarded to admitted Tulane students sponsored by other member institutions (“imports”).  Each year Tulane University determines a number of imports to be offered a scholarship by Tulane and the number of Tulane faculty and staff dependents who may be considered as export students from Tulane.  Tuition Exchange Scholarships are available for undergraduate study only.

It is important to understand that Tuition Exchange Scholarships are competitive and not guaranteed.  Students who are sponsored by Tulane are only eligible to compete for Tuition Exchange Scholarships at member institutions and are not guaranteed either admission to a member institution or the award of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship even if the student is admitted.  It is important to understand that host institutions use their own criteria to determine the winners of the Tuition Exchange Scholarships at their institutions, and that the host institution determines the value of the scholarships that they award.

There are TWO DEADLINES that must be met with Tuition Exchange applications:  one for the host school (import application) and one for Tulane (export application).  Immediately obtain the import application deadlines associated with each host institution, which are in many cases earlier than the deadline set by Tulane!  The member institution for which application is made may set their import application deadline much earlier (check with the school) than Tulane’s January 15 deadline.  Export applications for students (dependent children or step-children of Tulane faculty and staff members) applying for initial or continuing scholarship will be available by October 15 of the academic year just prior to the academic year for which the scholarship is sought.  For example: the scholarship application for the academic period of 2014 – 2015 will be available by October 15, 2013.  Tuition Exchange Applications must be completed and submitted to the Office of University Financial Aid by January 15 in order to be considered for sponsorship.  Announcements regarding Tuition Exchange Export Sponsorship will be made by January 31.

Employees of Tulane seeking the Tuition Exchange Program sponsorship for their dependents must:

  • Download the Tulane Tuition Exchange Export Application (link to the 2014-15 Tuition Exchange Export Packet containing the policy and application form).
  • Complete Part A of the application for participation, which includes providing a copy of the first page of the eligible employee’s most recent federal tax return (tax figures may be removed from copy)
  • Have the dependent complete Part B of the application.
  • Return the completed application form to the Tulane Office of University Financial Aid, Attn. Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer by January 15 prior to the academic year for which sponsorship is sought (IMPORTANT: Please note the deadline of receipt by the non-Tulane institution may be earlier than January, and applicants are responsible for obtaining and meeting the non-Tulane institution’s deadline).


At Tulane, dependents of qualified faculty and staff, enrolling in college as full-time undergraduate level students are eligible to apply for participation in the Tuition Exchange Program.  Dependents are defined as the biological, adopted or stepchild of a qualified employee and who is claimed as a dependent on the qualified parent’s tax return.  Qualified employees include full-time faculty upon employment and full-time staff members after three years of continuous employment.

The number of applicants to be sponsored by Tulane will be determined in late January.  If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available sponsorships, the selection will be based on the length of service of the eligible parent.  If more than one dependent child of an eligible employee participates in the program, years of service revert to zero when the first dependent is sponsored.  Service years for the second dependent are equal to the number of years of service since the first child was sponsored.  If the two dependents of an eligible employee apply in the same year, then years of service may be used for only one of the applicants.  If both parents are employed by Tulane and are eligible for this benefit, years of service of one parent may be used for one dependent, while the years of service of the other parent may be used for the second dependent child.  In the event of ties, a lottery will be used.

Acceptance Deadline
All export students to be sponsored by Tulane must notify Tulane University by June 1 of their acceptance of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship at a member institution.  A copy of the Tuition Exchange Award notice must be forwarded to the Tulane Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer in the Office of University Financial Aid.  Students failing to provide this notice will have their certification withdrawn.

Yearly Renewal
Awards are made for one year only.  Export renewal forms for dependents of Tulane Employees must be completed each year by January 15 for the following academic year.  Continued participation will depend on yearly re-certification for eligibility, on the student’s good academic standing and on the maintenance of the balance of the exchange.

IMPORTS (Dependents of Faculty/Staff from Member Institutions Other than Tulane)

There are two deadlines that must be met with Tuition Exchange applications: immediately ascertain the deadlines associated with each institution.  In many cases, they are earlier than the deadline set by Tulane.  An application must be processed by the sponsoring member institution as well as Tulane.  The sponsoring member school may set the application deadline much earlier (check with your school) than March 1.  Tulane sets the import application deadline as March 1.  Import applications must be submitted to Tulane from participating Tuition Exchange institutions by March 1 prior to the academic year for which the scholarship is sought. Applications are available from your member institution. 

First-time imports (students applying to Tulane from other participating Tuition Exchange institutions) and renewals for Tuition Exchange must complete and submit applications by March 1 to the Tuition Exchange Officer in Tulane's Financial Aid Office. Awarding of import Tuition Exchange scholarships is competitive. The university awards Tuition Exchange scholarships to import applicants based on admission criteria. First-time import applicants will be notified by mid-March. Tuition Exchange scholarships are awarded to import applicants for undergraduate study only.

Award Stipulations
Students may not receive a Tuition-Exchange Scholarship in combination with any other Tulane merit scholarship or ROTC scholarship. Students may combine an award with a partial athletic scholarship. Students also may also qualify for need-based aid.

Length of Sponsorship
Dependents are sponsored for one year at a time. Sponsorship may be renewed if the employee maintains eligibility and if the family completes and submits by the specified deadline the required applications for participation.
Sponsorship is limited to a maximum of four years or 8 semesters. Students receiving sponsorship after their first year of enrollment will be eligible to receive sponsorship for the customary number of years left in their program.

Yearly Renewal
Awards are made for one year only.
Renewal import students must maintain a cumulative 2.300 GPA, maintain primary full-time undergraduate enrollment (at least 12 hours) each semester in one of Tulane's full-time divisions (i.e., Newcomb-Tulane College, School of Business, School of Science & Engineering, School of Liberal Arts, School of Architecture, School of Public Health) and continue to be sponsored by the exporting institution to renew Tuition Exchange scholarships at Tulane. Tulane sends out renewal certifications to the exporting institution after review of the student's spring semester grades and enrollment hours.

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