Legislative Scholarship

Legislative Scholarships are one-year full-tuition scholarships funded by Tulane University in accordance with Louisiana State law.

Appointments are for one year and can be extended if the student submits the required form in a timely manner, meets academic and other eligibility criteria and the legislator nominates the student again. Legislators can nominate a student for up to four years of undergraduate study (five years for Architecture students) provided the student maintains a 2.300 cumulative grade point average, residency in Louisiana, and full-time enrollment in a Tulane undergraduate college.

For information regarding deadlines, requirements, forms, exclusions and the notification process, see

Students may not receive a Legislative Scholarship in combination with any other Tulane merit scholarship, ROTC scholarship, Faculty-Staff Tuition Waiver or Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Students may combine the award with a partial athletic scholarship. Legislative Scholarships may be combined with the Louisiana Valedictorian Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship, and/or Louisiana TOPS as long as the combination of all financial aid does not exceed the student's Cost of Attendance

If a student is not re-nominated a subsequent year for a Legislative Scholarship and he/she was initially awarded a Tulane merit scholarship, you must contact the University Financial Aid Office to initiate the consideration of reinstatement of the merit scholarship.  There is a possibility that the initial Tulane merit scholarship can be reinstated after careful review.  Please note that in order for a Tulane merit scholarship to be reinstated, you must satisfy merit scholarship renewal criteria ( including the cumulative grade point average requirement for the particular merit scholarship program).

If a student is not re-nominated a subsequent year for a Legislative Scholarship and he/she was not initially awarded a Tulane merit Scholarship, the Tulane Need-Based Scholarship can be applied for to help cover educational expenses (of course, a student must demonstrate financial need to be considered).

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