Collegiate Achievement Award

General Information
Collegiate Achievement Awards are merit-based scholarships offered by the Office of Undergraduate Admission to students who transfer from a four-year accredited college or university. The award is valued at $15,000* ($7,500 per semester) and is renewable through the receipt of the baccalaureate degree for a maximum of four years (five years for Architecture students) provided the student maintain a 2.700 cumulative grade point average and continuous enrollment in full-time undergraduate division.

Students may not receive a Collegiate Achievement Award in combination with any other Tulane merit scholarship, ROTC scholarship, Faculty-Staff Tuition Waiver, or Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Students may combine an award with a partial athletic scholarship. Students offered the Collegiate Achievement Award may qualify for need-based aid. Students suspended from the university for honor of disciplinary violations will forfeit all remaining portions of any university merit scholarship they have been offered.

*for new recipients spring 2015 and later

Application Procedure
Students must submit an application for admission to the Office of Undergraduate Admission by November 1 for the spring term or by June 1 for the fall term. Applicants may not have been expelled or dismissed for any reason from the college they are attending and they must present a minimum 3.4 cumulative grade point average based on a minimum of 30 credit hours.

General Renewal Conditions
The scholarships are guaranteed at the same amount awarded to the student as a transfer for the remainder of their undergraduate career provided the student maintains a 2.70 cumulative grade point average and continuous enrollment in a full-time undergraduate division. Any "incomplete" grades must be resolved before eligibility for continuation of the scholarship can be determined.

The scholarship is not applicable to summer semesters and is not applicable for students who are not charged full-time undergraduate division tuition at the standard rate.

Seniors in their last semester before graduation who are not required to take a full load in order to graduate (and of course who are being charged undergraduate tuition at the standard full-time undergraduate division rate) may still receive a portion of the tuition scholarship, but the amount will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis by the reduction in undergraduate tuition from the full-time rate.

Other students who enroll in or drop to less than full-time in the fall semester will have their scholarship reduced on a pro-rated basis by their tuition reduction, if any. They will be allowed to retain their tuition scholarship for the spring semester provided they enroll full-time, but will lose eligibility for all following years since the scholarship guidelines require that students maintain continuous full-time enrollment. Students who enroll in or drop to less than full-time in the spring semester will have their tuition scholarship reduced on a pro-rated basis by their tuition reduction, if any, but will lose eligibility for the scholarship in future semesters. A student with truly extenuating circumstances may appeal the loss of scholarship aid. For more information about the appeal process, please click here.

Students who take an approved leave of absence may regain their scholarship upon their return provided they continue to meet all academic and enrollment conditions and submit documentation verifying the approved leave of absence. Acceptable documentation is either a copy of their college's approved leave of absence form or a letter from their academic dean's office confirming the terms and length of the student's approved leave of absence.

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