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Message from Tulane University Provost Michael Bernstein

Dear Tulane Students, Faculty and Staff,

Last academic year, the University Senate approved various changes to Tulane University's Equal Opportunity/Anti-discrimination policies. The updated policies may be found at Notable changes include identifying "gender identity," "gender expression" and "genetic information" as characteristics protected under the policies. I encourage everyone to read the updated policies and direct any questions you may have to Tulane's Office of Institutional Equity.

Additionally, changes were made to strengthen the policy language and provide more detailed information with respect to sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment are antithetical to the standards and ideals of the Tulane community and violate Tulane's Equal Opportunity/Anti-discrimination policies and the Tulane Code of Student Conduct. Tulane is committed to the prompt reporting of all types of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. To this end, I write to inform all faculty and staff, regardless of rank or position, that if they become aware of information indicating an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment may have or has occurred, they must report that information to one of the offices below or file a report online at

Tulane has resources available for individuals affected by sexual misconduct or sexual harassment to obtain timely and fair resolution of complaints. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment, the following offices are available to provide assistance:

                Student Resources and Support Services

                                Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite G02

                                Phone: 504-314-2160

                                24/7 On-Call Phone: 504-920-9900



                Title IX Coordinators:

                                Wendy Stark, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

                                Office of Institutional Equity

                                200 Broadway St., Suite 105A, New Orleans, LA 70118



                                Erica Woodley, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Affairs


                                Division of Student Affairs

                                Lavin-Bernick Center, Room G02

                                6823 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118


                Tulane University Police Department:

                                Downtown Campus: 1430 Tulane Avenue

                                Emergency Phone: 504-988-5555

                                Non-Emergency Phone: 504-988-5531

                                Uptown Campus: Diboll Complex, 1st floor

                                Emergency Phone: 504-865-5911

                                Non-Emergency Phone: 504-865-5381

Additional information about resources for victims of sexual misconduct is available online at

I ask all students, faculty and staff to participate actively in Tulane's efforts to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. Through the prompt reporting of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, we all play an essential role in ensuring that our community is safe, secure and healthy.

All best wishes . . . Michael Bernstein

Michael A. Bernstein

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Professor of History and Economics


Reporting Claims of Harassment or Discrimination

Submit a report of possible discrimination or harassment online at: 

The link above is an online method for submitting a concern. If you have questions about submitting a complaint or about the process, or if you would prefer to speak with someone for assistance, please call (504) 862- 8083.

While this form allows anonymous reporting, please understand that our ability to respond to an anonymous report is limited. Please refer to Tulane's Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination Policies' provisions related to confidentiality for additional information.

Emergencies should be immediately reported to Tulane University Police Department at (504) 865-5911.

Emergencies can be reported 24 hours a day.

Only in New Orleans. Only at Tulane.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000