Important Emergency Information

During times of emergency or when the Office of Emergency Management is actively engaged in monitoring situations that could impact Tulane, information from our RSS Feed will appear here.

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Suspicious Mail / Package


  1. Do not handle the letter/package.  Do not shake or bump.
  2. Isolate the letter/package and look for indicators of potential hazards.  Indicators of potential hazards include:
  • No return address & the presence of restrictive markings (e.g. PERSONAL, SPECIAL DELIVERY).
  • Excessive postage or post marks from a foreign country.
  • Addressed to the employee’s title only (no name); or addressed to the wrong name or title.
  • Misspelled words or badly typed or written address.
  • Wires protruding from the package.
  • Package is lopsided or uneven,
  • Package has a strange odor.
  • Outside of the package shows evidence of oily stains, discolorations, or crystallization on the wrapper/envelope.
  • Excessive taping or string.
  • Do not open, smell or taste the package.
  • Treat the letter/package as suspect.
  1. If received on campus call the Tulane Police emergency line. Tulane Police Emergency Numbers are:
  • Tulane National Primate Center Police emergency:  985-871-6411
  • Tulane Downtown Campus Police emergency: 504- 988-5555
  • Tulane Uptown Campus Police emergency: 504-865-5200, or pick-up the nearest emergency blue-light phone.
  • Other Campuses: Call 911.
  1.  If received off-campus, call 911 and then contact TUPD at the campus nearest your location.
  2.  If the parcel is opened and/or a threat is identified, take the following actions immediately:
  1.  For a bomb:
  • Evacuate the area where the package was received immediately.
  • On campus, call TUPD immediately. See Bomb Threat for more details.
  • Off-campus, call 911 immediately. Then call TUPD. 
  1.  For a radiological hazard:
  • Don’t handle the package and evacuate the area immediately.
  • If you have contamination on your hands or person, do not spread the contamination to other areas or persons.
  • On campus, call TUPD immediately.
  • Off-campus, call 911 immediately. Then call TUPD. 
  1.  For a biological or chemical hazard:
  • Do not handle the package.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Do not spread contamination to other areas or other persons.
  • On campus, call TUPD immediately.
  • Off-campus, call 911 immediately. Then call TUPD.
  1.  For other hazards, such as sharp objects or razor blades:
  • Do not handle the package
  • On campus, call TUPD immediately.
  • Off-campus, call 911 immediately. Then call TUPD.


  1. TUPD will immediately dispatch officers to the scene.
  2. TUPD Dispatch will activate the NO Police Department, NO Fire Department, Tulane EMS and NO EMS, as necessary.
  3. If necessary, the Tulane emergency alert system will be activated with information & instructions.
  4. TUPD will establish on-scene command and coordinate all responding agencies.
  5. If necessary, an “all clear” message will be issued once the situation has returned to normal.



Emergency Management, Tulane University, 327 Gibson Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8370