Emergency Test Message

At noon on Friday, December 19, 2014, the Office of Emergency Response will conduct a five to ten-minute test of Tulane's text and e-mail notifications, its outdoor warning sirens and the ALERTUS emergency notification software. The notification methods are part of a communication protocol that we may use in the event of an emergency. Text and e-mail messages will be sent to all users. The sirens will only affect the uptown campus. ALERTUS will activate only for those users on New Orleans-area and Northshore campuses who have installed the software.

The warning sirens are distinct and very loud, and will be followed by a voice announcement. Although the sirens are intended to warn people who are outside of buildings, they will probably be audible to most building occupants depending on ambient noise levels. TUPD will have personnel near the sirens to monitor that they functioned properly as well as answer any questions pedestrians in the area may have.

New Orleans-area and Northshore users who have the ALERTUS software installed on their computers should see a message on their computer screens during the test. When an emergency text or e-mail message is issued, the ALERTUS software receives the message from university servers and relays the message to users¹ computers. Users must acknowledge the message before they can continue to use their computers. For more information on placing ALERTUS on your computer click here.

Please contact the Office of Emergency Response at 504-862-8266 with questions or concerns.



Emergency Management, Tulane University, 327 Gibson Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8370