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Service Learning Assistant Information for Students

The Service Learning Assistants program allows students to develop leadership skills, gain
valuable experience in peer mentorship and project management while earning money through
a federal work study job. The program has two main components – the service and leadership
component constituted by service-learning course coordination support, and the promotion of a
student culture of engagement supported by the SLA staff. The SLA program is a leadership
experience, providing students with opportunities to take an active role in shaping public service
at Tulane by working closely with faculty and students.

What Students Will Gain as Service Learning Assistants

  • Mentor relationships with a Tulane faculty members and CPS staff
  • An enhanced understanding of leadership, civic engagement, and community development
  • Specifically designed workshops and training based on personal and group interest
  • Access to resources to shape and inform campus programming relative to service and engagement
  • An opportunity to deepen commitments to service and personal philosophies on civic engagement
  • Opportunities to attend local CPS events

What Students Will Provide as Service Learning Assistants

Service Learning Assistants provide 8 - 10 hours a week of support to their assigned courses.
The roles and responsibilities of individual SLAs are determined by the faculty member and
student in consultation with the SLA program coordinator. SLAs do not attend the class they
are supporting; availability to visit the class a few times over the semester is ideal but not
required. SLAs can assist with activities including but not limited to the following:

  • Articulation and promotion of the purpose of service-learning to students in the courses they are assigned to
  • Leading CPS in-class and on-site orientations
  • Assistance with the coordination of student placements
  • Ongoing problem-solving support for student peers
  • Collection of relevant service learning course documents (acknowledgement forms, timesheets, etc.)
  • Assistance with reflection activities
  • Analysis of community partner, student, and faculty mid and end of semester evaluations


The program is open to Tulane undergraduate, provided the students can show good
communication and organizational skills and an understanding of Tulane's idea of Service
Learning. Students who wish to participate must 1) be in good standing;  2) submit a complete and accurate resume; and 3) have completed the first tier of the public service graduation requirement or demonstrate experience in service learning or community service. Service Learning Assistants are matched with faculty members either by
direct request of the faculty or in consultation with the SLA program coordinator.


SLAs spend their first semester in the work study position in training and shadowing the Senior
Program Coordinators. This time period is designed to assist SLAs in understanding their roles
and responsibilities relative to service learning coordination as an understanding of the
programs and services that the Center has to offer. This first semester provides a foundational
sense of group identity, shared strengths, and common goals between the SLAs and the course
coordinators. By the end of the first semester the SLAs will be partnered with two faculty
members for whom they will offer CPS coordination services. In the second semester, SLAs will
set up orientations, work with community partners to place students, gather paperwork and
timesheets and provide "office hours" for their peers for troubleshooting throughout the
semester as well as meet regularly with their faculty.


SLAs will receive professional development workshops over the course of the semester based
on group interest and need. Trainings typical of the program can range from workshops on
post-baccalaureate service abroad, grant writing, public speaking, and community organizing to
skills-based training on various software applications, etc.

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