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Service Learning Assistant Questions

Student Questions:

Does the SLA program meet the graduation requirement for service learning?

No. The SLA program is a paid, federal work study leadership program, not an academic
program. Unlike the Public Service Fellows program, there is no academic component.

Can I be an SLA for more than one semester?

The SLA program is a minimum commitment of three semesters. We encourage students to
come into the program expecting to stay for the duration of their undergraduate time at Tulane.
The SLA program is intended to be a sustained leadership and work study program and we
consider retention a key indicator of program success. Coordinating and supporting servicelearning
courses is a substantial commitment - the SLA program seeks to ensure that all
participating students are able to balance their work study job with their academic
responsibilities and extracurricular activities.

Faculty Questions:

How are students placed with faculty members?

The Center actively recruits talented SLAs from our programs and works with faculty members
to identify the needs of their course. An SLA is the same as a Course Coordinator except that
they coordinate two courses per semester. This allows for more time to build the relationship
between the SLA and the faculty member, as well as provide much needed attention to larger
courses or courses that have heavy involvement with a community partner.

Can I have more than one SLA per course? I teach multiple service-learning courses – can I
have an SLA for each?

Faculty members can have an SLA for one course. If the faculty member teaches more than
one section of the same course, SLAs can support multiple sections of a given service learning

I've worked with Public Service Fellows before. How are SLAs different?

Although both the SLA program and the Public Service Fellows (PSF) program are both
leadership programs run out of the Center for Public Service, they differ in several important
ways: the SLA program has no academic component, and no academic credit is earned by
participating. It also does not count toward the completion of the undergraduate Public Service
graduation requirement. Also, whereas PSFs only work 3-4 hours per week with their courses,
SLAs work 12-15 hours per week.


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