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Ashley Chapman

Service Learning Assistants

As programs and the number of service learning courses grow within the Center for Public Service, more coordination support is needed for participants, including faculty members, students, and community partner organizations. The Service Learning Assistant (SLA) program provides paid student positions within the Center that allows students to provide assistance to the Senior Program Coordinators. This position promotes public service leadership and partnership between students and faculty in a new and innovative opportunity. The SLA program aims to recruit, train, and supervise students who will assist faculty members with the coordination of service-learning projects.

The SLA work study program facilitates a culture of engagement. In doing so, the SLA program will meet the five following goals:

  1. Provide Service Learning Assistants the opportunity to develop a personal philosophy on civic engagement while acquiring leadership skills that will positively affect future academic and professional choices.
  2. Enable faculty members to teach high quality service-learning courses and promote engaged scholarship through their teaching and research.
  3. Provide community partner organizations with student leaders who can support their Tulane peers in accomplishing efficient service.
  4. Provide service learning students with peer mentors who will model the characteristics of personal, social, and intellectual engagement.
  5. Increase Center for Public Service staff retention and efficacy rates allowing Center staff to focus on university and community based capacity building efforts, program development, and long term sustainability.

Departmental Partnerships

We are continually looking to establish partnerships with new departments and faculty members who might be interested in having an SLA assist their course in the future. Please see information on the Faculty Info page.


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