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Community Engagement Advocates

In order to foster a campus-community culture that is inclusive of all members and celebrates diversity, students, faculty, and community members must first address the longstanding and challenging issues within the complex culture and social structure of New Orleans.

Program participants will grow in their student leadership while developing an attitude of inclusion across the university and city. As such, the CEA program looks to create extra-curricular programming, educational support systems, and student leadership opportunities that will both support a campus culture of inclusion and help integrate diversity and experiential education to provide Tulane students a truly transformative educational experience.

Student-focused and learning-centered, the program will establish a campus culture of engagement, invigorate scholarship, and renew Tulane's commitment to campus-community partnership.

Key Objectives

Students will gain knowledge of the community they are engaging, and develop a sense of civic responsibility beyond a simple charity mind frame, developing empathy rather than sympathy for their service clients.  

Participants will: 

a. Have an increased knowledge of the New Orleans community; 

b. Use inclusive language when describing service placement and clients,; 

c. Understand root social causes for social issues; and  

d. Be able to analyze community needs in an open and unbiased manner.  

The program will establish a group of student leaders, known as Community Engagement Advocates, who will develop an enhanced knowledge of campus and community diversity issues and initiatives who will be able to: 

a. Define diversity and inclusion in their own words, 

b. Lead discussions about issues of diversity and inclusion, and 

c. Challenge appropriately discriminatory speech

This program is being funded by AACU's  Bring Theory to Practice. 

 Bringing Theory to Practice Announced Sixty-One Institutions Selected to Receive Funding in First Round of Grants Supporting Projects on Civic Learning, Psychosocial Well-Being, and Engaged Learning.

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