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How to Apply

Supported by the Center for Public Service and the Tulane Admissions office, the Tulane University Community Service Scholars Program offers 30 scholarship awards annually to incoming college freshmen. Scholars are selected during their senior year in high school and join the program during their first semester at Tulane. Students who are accepted into the Community Service Scholars Program are eligible to receive a tuition scholarship of $20,000 for four years (eight semesters) if they successfully fulfill the program requirements every semester. Scholars receiving the Community Service Scholarship may also receive other scholarships, grants, or other forms of financial aid to cover the total cost of education while enrolled at Tulane University.

Note: The Community Service Scholarship is only available to incoming freshmen students.

Selection Criteria

The Scholarship Selection Committee is looking for students committee is looking for students with a passion for community service and a commitment to making a positive impact on Tulane University and local communities while in college. In addition, academic qualifications and demonstrated financial need will be taken into consideration and is a requirement for obtaining this scholarship. The committee recognizes that individuals may serve others in traditional and innovative ways and is interested in discovering the motivation, compassion, skill set and commitment needed to be effective in serving others and organizing communities.

Indicators that will be used to evaluate each application include: demonstrated leadership, involvement in school and faith based-related activities, community service, employment history, written essays, and letter(s) of recommendation.

Application Process

In addition to an application, students must submit the following documents by January 15th. Winners are announced in April.

  • Community Service Scholars Application
  • A community service résumé, including the names of organizations served, the capacity  in which you served these organizations (positions held),and the number of hours/week and weeks/year of service for each activity.
  • A recommendation from a representative of an organization served.
  • A one-paragraph response to each of the following statements:

a.       Describe your most meaningful community service activity from the past or the present.

b.     Explain your plans for involvement and leadership in community service as a student at Tulane university and a member of the New Orleans Community.

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