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Project Excel Tutoring Program

Contact Info


3232 N. Galvez St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
Directions To Agency:
Primary Phone: 612.275.9079

Primary Agency Contact

Name: Ethan Seabury-Kolod

Agency Info

Agency type: Non Profit
Agency hours:9am-7pm
Beginning date for service:12/20/2011

Agency Details

Agency does not carry liability insurance.
Agency does not carry worker's compensation insurance.
Agency has a need for additional volunteers.
Agency needs:
Project Excel works with outstanding and committed volunteers who serve as tutors at partner schools and community sites. Project Excel tutors are trained as high-powered diagnostic educators in an Academic Literacy curriculum, targeting students' needs in Literacy, Writing, Numeracy, Academic Skills, and College Readiness. In addition to tutoring services, Project Excel provides year-round enri
In areas with low adult education levels and few programs directly targeting the needs of youth, many students lack the guidance and support necessary to be successful in school and enroll in post-secondary education. Project Excel provides a necessary resource to youth in under-served communities, bridging the gap between school and home educational support.

Mission statements

Project Excel is a youth tutoring and enrichment program focused on the long-term academic success of youth in under-resourced areas of New Orleans. Through collaborative outreach with local schools, organizations, and community members, the program provides holistic educational support to youth by targeting strategic goals of academic literacy, inspired learning, and leadership development.

Value statement

Project Excel believes the power to transform education is right before our eyes. We see a vibrant resource in the skills, strength, and knowledge of the individuals in our community. By connecting students with the resources of the community, we build partnerships that are equally valuable to students and the surrounding community. These partnerships enhance learning opportunities for students

Division Mission Statements

  • Tutoring Program Our tutoring program works within and outside of local schools to offer free tutoring services for students of all academic achievement levels. Project Excel trains tutors to be effective and authentic educators in an Academic Literacy curriculum, targeting students' needs in literacy, writing, numeracy, college readiness, and an understanding of the techniques and habits useful for students to be self-sufficient in navigating the education system.

Populations Served by Agency

  • Children
  • Low-income children
  • Youth Populations and Their Families

Topics Of Interest for this agency

  • Children/Youth
  • Civic Engagement
  • Cultural Studies: African American
  • Curriculm development involving computer technology
  • Data Analysis
  • Education
  • Education Reform
  • Enhance academic achievement for under-resourced students
  • Enhancing math skills for under-resourced students
  • Increase motivation levels of under-resourced students
  • Matching volunteers' interests and skills with schools' and non-profits' needs
  • One-to-one mentoring of children between the ages of 5 to 17.
  • Social Justice

Public Service Needs

  • Conduct best practices research
  • Provide case management
  • Maintain communication with agency clients
  • Develop a new database or contribute content to an existing database
  • Organize an outreach event
  • Coordinate programs
  • Student(s) will assist Program Services Coordinator in planning, developing, coordinating and implementing educational programs and services for 50 high school students and performing other related duties assigned.
  • Coordinate Vols.
  • Develop a new website or contribute content to an existing webpage

Resource Needs for this agency

  • Advocacy
  • Career counseling
  • Counseling
  • Cross cultural networking, education and communication
  • Education
  • Literacy and Mathematics Workshops
  • Literacy Instruction and Mentorship
  • Mentoring
  • Programming
  • Public Policy

Public Service Activities

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