Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Mailing Address:
Center for Public Service
Alcee Fortier Hall
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: 504-862-8060
Fax: 504-862-8061


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CPS Executive Committee

The Center for Public Service's Executive Committee oversees the academic component of the Center's activities, such as the service learning course designation process. The Executive Committee, members of which also convene in smaller, more topic-specific sub-committees, is formed by nominated Tulane faculty members from across the disciplines who sit on the committee on a rotating basis.

Jeff Agnew, Professor of Practice, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Taby Ahsan, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Alan Barecca, Assistant Professor, Economics
Emily Clark, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Elizabeth Glecker, Clinical Associate Professor, Community Health Science, Public Health
Kelly Grant, Professor of Practice, Management, Freeman Business
Jimmy Huck, Administrative Assistant Professor, Stone Center
Vincent Ilustre, Executive Director, Center for Public Service
Ana Lopez, Associate Provost, Provost's Office
Charlotte Mahue, Associate Director, Newcomb Institute
Olankie-Ola Orie, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Laurie O'Brien, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Julianna Padget, Assistant Dean, School of Social Work
Emilie Taylor, Public Service Coordinator, School of Architecture
Molly Travis, Associate Dean, Newcomb-Tulane College

Previous Executive Committees

CPS Advisory Board 

The CPS maintains three advisory committees. Each body monitors Center activities and offer suggestions as to how CPS can better serve Tulane students, faculty, and the city of New Orleans.


Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee is comprised of Tulane students who have participated in public service activities and have indicated a commitment to assisting in the development and implementation of improved CPS programs. The Committee also selects recipients for student-designated CPS grants, assists with producing campus-wide panels and programs, and plays an essential role in determining how the Center can best support students as they participate in public service.

Derek Rankins, Senior, Sociology
Shannon Vitrano, Business
Morgan Laurent, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dylan Delisle, Neuroscience
Emma Loos, Political Economy/Law, Economics, & Policy
Julie Greenberg
Richard Pollock
Ethan Levy
Tim Huang
Sydney Licht
Emily Cardinas


Community Partners

Sandra Berry, Proprietor, The Neighborhood Gallery
Luanne Francis, Executive Director, New Orleans Faith Health Alliance
Andreas Hoffmann, Executive Director, Green Light New Orleans
Dipo Mosadomi, Executive Director, Kedila Family Learning Services
Tessa Wheelock, Adult Education Coordinator, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Faculty Members

Beth Wee, Professor of Practice, Neuroscience
Liz Davey, Program Mgr, Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Carol Gering, Professor of Aerospace Studies, ROTC
John Howard, Associate Director, The Murphy Institute
Harry Howard, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Casey Love, Professor of Practice, Political Science

Advisory Boards for 2005-2008

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