Claim and Loss Reporting

To submit a claim, click on the appropriate form below and after completing the form, scan and e-mail it to the Office of Insurance & Risk Management at or fax it to 504.862.8766.

University Property Claims (including Theft or Vandalism)

To report claims involving loss of or damage to University-owned property, complete the University Property Loss/Damage Claim Form. Please note that for all such claims, the applicable department will be responsible for up to $2500 of the loss or damage.

Personal Property Claims

The University does not provide insurance coverage for the loss, theft, disappearance, damage or destruction of an employee's personal property. However, if it can be established that the loss or damage of an employee's personal property was caused by or resulted from the University's negligence or fault,  the claim will be considered to the extent of any negligence or fault by the University. The form for General Liability Claims (below) should be completed. It is incumbent upon all staff and faculty to keep a detailed list of their personal property stored on Tulane premises and to take photographs of the property in advance of any loss or damage.

General Liability Claims

To report claims involving injuries or damage to third parties (e.g., visitors) allegedly caused or contributed to by the University's negligence or fault, complete the Personal Injury/Property Damage Form

Automobile Claims

To report injury or property damage as a result of an automobile accident involving a University vehicle, complete the Automobile Accident Report Form and contact the Office of Insurance & Risk Management as soon as possible. Please note that for all such claims, the applicable department will be responsible for up to $2500 of the cumulative loss or damage.

For personal vehicles used for official University business by an employee, the University's automobile liability policy provides excess liability coverage above the limits carried by the vehicle's owner. The liability insurance carried by the vehicle owner is the primary coverage. Claims arising from use of a personal vehicle are to be reported to the owner's insurance agent. In the event of a serious or potentially serious claim, the Office of Insurance and Risk Management should also be notified. There is no physical damage coverage through the University for a personal vehicle. The University reimburses the use of a personal vehicle for official University business at the standard mileage rate published annually by the University. This reimbursement is intended to cover all costs associated with owning a vehicle, including physical damage coverage.


Workers' Compensation Claims

To report work-related injuries or illnesses, complete the First Report of Employee Injury or Disease (return the form to the Workforce Management Organization Workers' Compensation Department).


Student Injury/Illness Reports

To report student injuries or illnesses that occur arise from an on-campus event, activity or facility, the Student Report of On-Campus Environmental Injury or Illness should be completed (return the form to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety). Questions regarding University liability should be directed to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management at 504.865.5653.



To report any other type of loss, damage or claim, please contact the Office of Insurance and Risk Management at 504.865.5653.





Office of Insurance & Risk Management, 324 Gibson Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5653