university wide engagement

University Wide Engagement

Many departments of Tulane University are committed to promoting community engagement. Discover which program is right for you by exploring the links below.


Through the Devlin Center for Leadership Development, Tulane Athletics is committed to making contributions to the local community by developing new associations and relationships with schools and nonprofit organizations. Through the Youth Ticket Initiative and Shadow-a-Student Athlete Day programs, public school students are able to attend a game on campus or at the Superdome and interact with Tulane student-athletes in a collegiate environment.

Center for Public Service

Recognizing that active, civic engagement builds strong, healthy communities and responsible citizens, the Center for Public Service merges academic inquiry with sustained civic engagement. Tulane University's Center for Public Service supports a university curriculum and research agenda by uniting academics and action, classroom and communities through which students, faculty and community partners dedicate themselves to the transformation of civic life.

Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives

The Cowen Institute is an action-oriented think tank that informs and advances solutions – through policies, programs, and partnerships – to eliminate the challenges impeding the success of K-12 education in New Orleans and beyond.  By leveraging Tulane's human, intellectual, political, financial, and social capital, the Institute is pioneering a new role for major research universities to interact with K-12 public education systems in their respective communities.

Newcomb College Institute

The Newcomb College Institute is a dynamic interdisciplinary center, which provides academic, leadership, service and research opportunities to all undergraduate women at Tulane University. Offering a plethora of community engagement programs, the Institute is committed to continuing Newcomb College's tradition of service to the City of New Orleans.

Roger Thayer Stone Center

The Stone Center hosts a wide range of conferences, symposia, volunteer and other outreach activities that actively support local education initiatives. Through the Latin American Resource Center and Pebbles Center, the Center strives to enhance the learning and lives of the children of our city by offering them resources and opportunities as part of an effort to bring the culture of Latin America to the New Orleans community.

The Southern Institute for Education and Research

The Southern Institute is a nonprofit race relations center dedicated to improving ethnic relations in the Deep South through tolerance education and communications training. Founded in 1993, the Southern Institute's programs help young people understand the causes and consequences of prejudice by examining the past. At the heart of the Southern Institute's work is the conviction that history compels us to speak out against racism in all forms, or pay dearly for our indifference.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs involves many departments, programs, and services that provide a distinctive Tulane experience for all students. Students will encounter caring professionals dedicated to assisting them in developing to their full potential. As an extension of the University’s commitment to the City of New Orleans, The Division of Student Affairs provides support and resources for civically-minded student organizations.  

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