Roger Thayer Stone Center

The Stone Center hosts a wide range of conferences, symposia, film series and other activities. The Center also coordinates a number of the University’s many research and study programs in Latin America.


Latin American Resource Center


The Latin American Resource Center’s Lending Library maintains the most comprehensive lending collection of educational materials about Latin American topics available for classroom use. The library holds over 3,000 videos, slide packets, culture kits, curriculum units, games, and miscellaneous print items and adds new ones every year. These resources are available to the entire community as part of an effort to bring the culture of Latin America to the New Orleans community.


The Pebbles Center

In April of 2004 Tulane University and the New Orleans Public Library created the Pebbles Center to enhance the learning and lives of the children of our city by offering them resources and opportunities to experience the rich diversity of Latin America and its people. The Pebbles Center is housed at the Children’s Resource Center at 913 Napoleon Avenue. Since its inauguration, the Pebbles Center has acquired over three hundred bilingual, English and Spanish language children’s books, tapes and videos on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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