Letter from President Cowen


Public service is the cement that ties together the entire Tulane University community, cutting across traditional academic boundaries and connecting students, teachers, researchers and staff with the diverse populace of a truly unique city. It is a critical component of our life as an institution, supporting our infrastructure in a deep, human way. Here in New Orleans, Tulane has become synonymous with Public Service.

This university embarked on a bold and challenging path, developing innovative organizations and partnerships that have dramatically changed the New Orleans landscape. Working together, our students, faculty and staff continue to push the standard for community service to higher and higher levels – developing, implementing and supporting approaches that weren't on the radar just a few years ago. This integration of service and scholarship continues to be a powerful experience for all who participate.

Our complex society demands active community engagement, represented by Tulane's intellectual, caring and humane civic commitment. We are proud to be part of the city's new and progressive vanguard, addressing long-term societal challenges with dynamic and innovative solutions, continually striving to leverage our academic, research and leadership muscle to build a new and vibrant community.

I urge you to review the scope of our commitment to Public Service contained on this website. If you can envision a way to lend a hand, please join us. If you see a need that can be filled, please let us know.


Scott S. Cowen

Scott S. Cowen

President, Tulane University

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-988-5251