Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives

The Cowen Institute takes Tulane University beyond the typical framework in which higher education institutions traditionally interact with preK-12 public education systems. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the Cowen Institute aspires to pioneer a new model for the role of major research universities in public schooling systems. The Cowen Institute’s initiatives, priorities, and programs are guided by research, accountability to the community we seek to serve, and a desire to foster sustained long-term positive change. In order to achieve our goals for the public education system, we situate our efforts in the context of larger social policy, encourage grassroots advocacy, and collaborate with partner organizations, particularly Tulane entities, to draw on our collective strengths. The work carried out at the Cowen Institute has been broadly categorized into four areas:

Applied Research

Informing the transformation of public education by understanding how systems of public schools can be successful, learning how to measure their performance, and chronicling the transformation of public schools in New Orleans.

Public Policy 

Identifying, evaluating, and advancing educational policy and legislation that addresses the needs of public schools and students.  Our work in this area ensures the success of every public school in the city by advocating for adequate and equitable funding, safe facilities, an effective governance model, and accountability of people and schools.

University-Based Initiatives

Developing, launching, and supporting programs that engage the Tulane University community in public education.  We also serve as the conduit for charter and traditional public schools in New Orleans to directly access the myriad of experts and resources available at Tulane University.

College Readiness Programs

Developing, launching, and supporting math and science programs that have proven to increase college readiness in local public high schools.

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