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School of Architecture

Green Build

Tulane’s School of Architecture has partnered with GreenBuild to provide students with an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Katrina destroyed or severely damaged more than 130,000 homes in New Orleans. As of mid-2006, less than 30,000 of those houses had been repaired or rebuilt. If New Orleans is to become a whole city again, there is a real and rapid need for innovative new housing construction. This offers an unprecedented opportunity that few cities have had, to rebuild in responsible and imaginative new ways. To benefit this rebuilding the studio will research, develop and construct an inventive and experimental prototypical house. Email Coleman Coker for more information.


Tulane City Center

As the primary venue for outreach projects at the Tulane School of Architecture, the Tulane City Center, along with our principal collaborator the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research, enjoys a broad range of partnerships with numerous off-campus, community-based and civic organizations. Each of these partnerships provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage real issues in real communities and participate in the life of our city. Projects we have been involved with in the past have ranged in scale from small mobile neighborhood communication devices to urban scale neighborhood planning processes. We work in the realm of both private and public spaces and always recognize the importance of thinking beyond the scale at which a given project is expressed.


Tulane Regional Urban Design Center (TRUDC)

Directed by Professor Grover Mouton, the TRUDC enlists graduates and students of the School of Architecture to work with communities in Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and other areas to improve and develop their urban potential. TRUDC faculty and students concentrate on urban design, programming, and client-user group mediation. TRUDC’s recent history has been marked by exceptional opportunities in Asia, thanks to its strategic partnership with the American Planning Association. Recent projects in the Yangtze Delta have explored the issues of rapid urbanization in Asia and have included discussions with a range of design professionals and Chinese government and planning officials. Many of the issues the TRUDC introduces and explores in Asia are also being studied in Southern Louisiana’s small, rapidly growing communities. Open to new ideas, these communities give students the opportunity to become involved in real-world planning projects across the Gulf Coast Region.



URBANbuild is a design program in which teams of students take on the design and construction of prototypical homes for New Orleans' neighborhoods. URBANbuild's partner in the development of these homes is Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc. The program is an educational collaboration of individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to revitalizing New Orleans' rich cultural and architectural heritage. Neighborhoods are strengthened by the rebuilding of homes, allied professionals and educators come together for a common cause, and students develop as designers with a deep understanding and commitment to the urban environment.

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