Summer Transition

Newcomb-Tulane College
Summer Transition Program
June 27 – August 4, 2012


In the summer of 2001, Tulane College, Tulane University’s liberal arts college for men, launched an academic “bridge” program. The Summer Transition Program (STP) began with fifteen male students in their junior year from New Orleans public high schools. These students were selected for their potential to matriculate at Tulane after their senior year in high school. The goal of the program was to assist New Orleans public high schools in preparing students for study at the college-level and to enhance the students’ prospects for academic success. The program began in the summer after the students’ junior year and continued through the fall of the senior year of high school, including an optional session during the summer preceding the students’ enrollment in college.

Post-Katrina, Tulane’s men’s division ‘Tulane College’ and women’s division ‘Newcomb College’ merged to form the Newcomb-Tulane College. Students entering Tulane now enroll in this single undergraduate college and afterwards, matriculate into one of five schools: Liberal Arts, Science & Engineering, Architecture, Business or Continuing Studies. The goal of the post-Katrina Summer Transition Program continues to be to assist New Orleans’ high school students’ preparation for study at the college level and to enhance their prospects for academic success. Our parameters have adjusted to encompass both female and male candidates from selected schools within the Orleans Parish school systems.

Newcomb-Tulane College invites applications from Orleans Parish students, both male and female, in their junior year. High school juniors selected for this program will spend a little more than five weeks in residence at Tulane University where they will be oriented to university culture through workshops on study skills and strategies, academic resources, applying to college and financing college. Participants will take English composition (ENGL 1010) offered daily through Tulane’s summer school and attend a daily tutorial. In addition to these activities, students will take a non-credit earning pre-calculus course designed to strengthen their ability to thrive in college-level calculus. Students, who successfully complete the English course with a grade of C or better, earn college credit and are allowed to continue in the concurrent enrollment portion of the program during the fall semester.

In this phase, participants are required to enroll in one course at Tulane during the fall semester of their senior-year in high school. Support services such as tutoring and skills development will be available to students during this concurrent enrollment period. Participants successfully completing this second phase of the program with a C or better will be guaranteed admission into Tulane’s Newcomb-Tulane College. Successful completion of their high school programs in good standing and application to the University is required. In the summer preceding their freshman year of enrollment in college, STP participants will be offered a third Tulane course and serve as peer-mentors to the new STP group.

The Summer Transition Program is supported by Tulane University and generous grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the RosaMary Foundation, and the Coca-Cola Corporation. The program is run at no cost to participants.

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