The William L. Duren '26 Professorship Program

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Deadline to apply for 2015-2016: March 13, 2015

The William L. Duren '26 Professorship Program was established and endowed with a generous gift from Professor William L. Duren '26, M.A. '28, Ph.D., LL.D. honoris causa '59, professor emeritus of mathematics and former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia.

Each year, up to four faculty members serve as Duren Professors. Duren Professors enjoy an especially close relationship to the Newcomb-Tulane College during their tenure in the program. They are provided with additional resources that permit them to adopt distinctive pedagogies (team-teaching, use of auxiliary materials or electronic information technologies, and others) and to arrange for and facilitate distinctive kinds of meaningful interactions with students enrolled in the courses they teach as Duren Professors.

Duren Professors 2014-2015

adderleyProfessor Laura Rosanne Adderley, History: “History of Voodoo and Other African-Derived Religions” and “Slavery and Public History” 

The History of Voodoo course will explain the history of this New Orleans cultural phenomenon from its roots in West Africa up to present day practitioners, while exploring the misunderstandings about and prejudices against the religion. The Slavery and Public History course engages the way that the U.S. and other societies connected to the history of the Atlantic slave trade have sought to publicly remember (or obscure) this particularly dark history. Duren funds will facilitate local field trips, classroom visits from local practitioners, speakers, and visiting scholars.

bagnerisProfessor Mia Bagneris, Art History: “Contested Visions of the Civil War”

Professor Bagneris will use Duren funds to offer an expanded and enriched version of her seminar, “Contested Visions of the Civil War: Race, Rebellion, Reconstruction, Reunion, Romanticization, Revision and Other Narratives Surrounding the Civil War in American Art and Visual Culture.” Exploring a wide range of art and visual culture including painting, sculpture, photography, film, museum exhibitions, and memorial performances, this course will explore the contested narratives of the Civil War from before the firing of the first shot at Fort Sumter to the present.

cortezProfessor Ricardo Cortez, Mathematics: “Understanding our World Through Mathematical Modeling”

This course will expose students to the process of mathematical modeling as a way to describe, explain, understand, or predict situations arising in everyday life. By exposing students to the use of mathematics to understand the world around them, the course will enhance their appreciation of mathematics, instill the process of mathematical modeling as a habit of mind that is used to approach problems arising in any discipline, and encourage them to pursue mathematics as a minor or major.

truittProfessor Allison Truitt, Anthropology: “Cultural Studies of Finance”

This course, which contributes to Professor Truitt’s research around finance and shifting credit-debt relations, will equip students with perspectives from the humanities and social sciences that would complement understandings of finance, marketing, and accounting. Readings will come from the fields of legal studies, anthropology, and political science, and authors will be invited to speak with students in a virtual classroom setting, in order to enhance students’ understanding of the methods used to develop a humanistic understanding of finance. Duren funds will be used to organize several virtual workshops with nationally-known scholars working in the cultural studies of finance and a campus-wide event on anthropology of taxation.


Recent Duren Courses

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