Many research programs for students take place during the summer - a time when you can devote 100% of your attention to the project. Many opportunities can be found at other universities or abroad. Please review the guidelines carefully and allow enough  time to write your application. Deadlines from the previous academic year may not have been updated by the granter. Continue to check back for updates on this website.

If you need assistance, please contact Gary Talarchek, 862-3296.

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American Gastroenterological Association Student Research Fellowship 02/14/14
SUNY Upstate Medical University - Summer Research Fellowship Program 02/16/14
University of Rochester Summer Scholars Program 03/01/14
Paul Klemper Fellowship in the History of Medicine 03/01/14
University of Massachusetts Medical School - Summer Undergraduate Research Program 03/14/14
American Vascular Association Student Research Fellowship 03/17/14
Sansum Diabetes Research Institute - Summer Internship Program in the Biological/Medical Sciences 04/01/14
National Institutes of Health Research Supplements Rolling
Student Research Participation at the Centers for Disease Control Rolling
North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine - Research Fellowship 03/08/14


SMART Scholarship for Service Program 12/16/13
Naval Research Enterprise Summer Internship Program 01/06/14
NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program Rolling
US Air Force Research Laboratory Science Research at Various Locations Rolling
University of Idaho REU in Physics 03/01/14
Iowa State University Summer Research in Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics 03/01/14
Michigan State University - Department of Physics and Astronomy Research Experience 03/15/14
Cornell University - Physics Research Experience for Undergraduates 02/02/14
University of Houston - Summer Engineering REU 03/21/14
California State University at Chico REU Mathematics TBA

Biology/Chemistry/Life Sciences

Pepperdine University - Summer REU in Biology 02/14/14
Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs 02/14/14
University of Rhode Island Summer Research Fellowships in Oceanography 03/01/14
University of Michigan - Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science REU 03/01/14
Evolving Earth Foundation Student Grant Program 03/03/14
National Renewable Energy Laboratory/DOE - Student Internship Research Participant Various
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Internship Program in Environmental Studies Various
Research Participation at the Center for Toxicological Research Rolling
MSA Grant for Research in Mineralogy and Petrology 06/01/14
Directorate for Biological Sciences/NSF REU Various
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Research Award 04/01/14
University of North Carolina Summer Research in Molecular Biosciences 02/28/14
University of Maryland Sea Grant REU 02/21/14
Western Michigan University REU in Chemistry 03/14/14
Society of Wetland Scientists Student Research Grants 02/17/14
University of Puerto Rico REU in Tropical Ecology 02/28/14
American Society of Plant Biologists Summer Fellowship TBA
NSF REU Program in Plant and Plant-Pathogen Cell Biology 02/22/14
University of Washington Environmental health Summer Research Program 02/14/14
University of Georgia- Fungal Genomics and Computational Biology 03/01/14
Syracuse University - Chemistry Summer REU 03/01/14
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Memorial Scholarship 02/14/14
National Institutes of Health/DHHS - Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research 03/01/14
Society of Wetland Scientists - Student Research Grants Program 02/17/14
Georgia Institute of Technology - Aquatic Chemical Ecology REU Program 02/15/14
University of Colorado, Boulder - REU in Behavior-Ecology TBA
Kansas State University - REU in Ecology 03/01/14


Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Internship 04/25/14
Central States Anthropological Society 04/25/14
Costume Society of America Student Research Grant 05/01/14
Wilson International Center Research Assistantships Rolling
Western Civilization Fellowship - Intercollegiate Studies Institute Various
Modern Poetry Association - Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship 04/30/14
Davis Center for Historical Studies Fellowship 03/24/14

Multidisciplinary University REUs

Oak Ridge Institute Nuclear Regulatory Commission HBCU Research Participation Rolling
University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Nebraska REU Various
Occidental College Summer Research Program 02/11/14

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