About CELT

The Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) was formed as a result of Tulane University‘s 2008 “What’s Your Big Idea” initiative and Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to enhance student learning at Tulane.

Engaged is a type of learning in which students experience themselves not as passive recipients of information delivered by experts, but as active participants both in the classroom and in the world. Through engaged learning, students realize their potential as intellectual, social, and ethical architects capable of designing their own futures, as well as helping to shape those of their communities, cultures, nations, and natural environment.

Tulane recognizes that there is not one type of engaged learning experience. These experiences must meet the unique needs of the students’ academic experience, skills, abilities, and goals. CELT' s four primary areas of focus or cores are designed to provide students and faculty with the opportunities to participate in engaged learning experiences that compliment their academic and career goals.

  • Classroom Engagement empowers faculty to reflect on what they want students to learn and to decide how to advance and assess that learning in the most meaningful way possible.
  • Research Engagement makes mentored student research, scholarship, and public creative expression an integral part of engaged learning at Tulane University.
  • Experiential Engagement provides informational and programmatic support to the Tulane community to encourage students to apply their knowledge from the classroom to situations beyond the college campus by focusing on career-related activities such as internships, externships, and co-operative learning.
  • Social Innovation Engagement supports students interested in engaged learning experiences related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and changemaking.



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