News and Highlights

CBR Director Michael Blum is featured in "Where Did the Oil Go" Director Michael Blum and Faculty Associate Sunshine Van Bael featured in a National Geographic Video about the fate of oil in wetlands. A Studio in the Woods was featured "In That Number" in the March 2015 issue of Tulane Magazine. The Lost History of New Orleans China Town City Lab Feature New Orleans City Business features CBR research on bacteria in plant roots that can clean up oil. The Coastal Hazards and Environmental Justice Workshop, co-hosted by CBR, featured on New Wave Feature on CBR Research Wetland Resources Invents Ways To Save Coastline Faster How rivers regulate global carbon cycle WWNO Story on Microscopic Sirens Mielke NYT Bernik VanLandigham Mielke featured in National Geographic Hayeur and DeDeaux in the New York Times OnEarthCNH2 September 2015 Tulane Magazine AmyBookReviewOct15 NSFRat NolaVieShay GOMRIFundingAnnounce FittsWetlandPlanting