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Committee on Assessment

The Tulane University Committee on Assessment is a standing committee of the university senate.

Excerpt from Tulane University Senate Bylaw III. Standing Committees, Section II. Standing Committees, P. Committee on Assessment: Functions

1. Executive:  To review and make recommendations to the Director of Institutional Assessment regarding the:  

″ exchange of assessment information and assessment strategies among academic programs and administrative units;

″ the planning, development, and implementation of institution-wide assessment efforts;

″ fostering a campus culture of assessment and institutional effectiveness;

″ implementation of student outcomes assessment;

″ accreditation-related assessment procedures at all levels in the university;

″ appropriate and legitimate use of surveys to collect data; and

″ review of and response to unit assessment plans and reports.

2. Advisory:  To make recommendations to the Senate on policies relating to assessment. [As amended, May 10, 2010]

3. Membership

Voting members include one faculty member from each of the School of Architecture, the A.B. Freeman School of Business, the School of Continuing Studies, the School of Law, the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Medicine, the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the School of Science and Engineering, and the School of Social Work, one of whom shall serve as chair; the chair of the Newcomb-Tulane College curriculum committee (ex officio); one member of the administration from each of the offices of Institutional Research, Student Affairs, Library, Technology Services, and University Communications; and two student representatives: one undergraduate student and one graduate student.  The Director of Institutional Assessment will be included on the committee as an ex officio non-voting member.



Committee on Assessment Members


Faculty Members (two-year terms)

Tulane School of Architecture


A.B. Freeman School of Business

Deen Kemsley (13)

School of Continuing Studies

Jim Simmons (13)

Tulane Law School

Amy Gajda (13) Chair

School of Liberal Arts

John Howard (13)

School of Medicine

Tom Voss (13)

School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Hugh Long (13)

School of Science and Engineering

Cedric Walker (13)

School of Social Work



 Ex officio voting members

Chair, NTC Curriculum Committee

Bob Hill

Administrative Representative, Institutional Research

Dave Davis

Administrative Representative, Student Affairs

John Nonnamaker

Administrative Representative, Library

Andy Corrigan

Administrative Representative, Technology Services


Administrative Representative, University Communications

Arthur Nead


 Student Members


Dylan LeCorgne (ABF)


Jamin Butler (ABF)


 Ex officio non-voting member

Director of Institutional Assessment

Katie Busby

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000