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If you're interested in attending college while learning what it takes to become an Army Officer, ROTC may be right for you. In addition to teaching you valuable leadership skills, military training, and discipline, ROTC can also provide you with money for tuition and other expenses through scholarships. Although there is no service obligation your first two years, you can decide to contract before your Junior year. Cadets who contract into the program receive additional benefits.

Financial Benefits:

  • A monthly stipend starting at $300 your freshmen year and increasing every year to $500 your senior year.
  • Pay while attending Army schools and training over summers.
  • 2 year, 3 year, and 4 year scholarships that can pay up to full tuition and books.

Other benefits cadets receive:

  • A free comprehensive physical examination.
  • Free travel, room, and food for all authorized ROTC training.
  • Free air travel on Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights on a space available basis (for contracted Cadets)
  • Opportunity to attend military schools (Airborne, Air Assault, etc.)
  • DASE co-op program for high tech majors
  • Academic credit for MS courses
  • Social organizations

Cadets who commit to service in the National Guard upon completion of ROTC -OR- are already members in the NG are eligible  for special benefits.

  • Enrollment as a Simultaneous Member Program cadet. (SMP)
  • Drill pay each month as an E-5.
  • Air Assault School
  • Academic Scholarships (separate from Cadet Command)

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The high school Four-Year Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program. Contact your high school academic adviser or campus Military Science department for more information.

Apply Online For An Army ROTC Four-Year Scholarship

If you are applying for a scholarship, you first will need to create a MY GOARMY account. Once you create an account, you will be sent to the MY GOARMY Log In page. Once you can successfully login to MY GOARMY, you can use your newly created account information to login to the scholarship application site.

Initial Application Deadline is 10 January. All updates are required to be postmarked by 28 February. If you submit an application via the web, do not submit a hardcopy application as well!



-You must have one of our schools in the top-3 on your list.

-Must be a SAL (Scholar, Athlete, Leader) This means that you must put in your application what sports you played, academic clubs you are in, and if you are in any leadership clubs or an officer in any of the other activities. 

- Must be able to get into the school...3.5 or better GPA with a 1330 SAT or 29 ACT is good.

-Shown an interest in the military by participating in JROTC or CAP.

-Has been able to stick with something longer then a year.

If you have any questions please contact us at  or  504.865.5594 (1-800-777-ARMY)

Orleans Battalion Army ROTC 504-865-5594