Info for Current Cadets

300 club

The 300 Club is for cadets who wish to improve their overall physical performance and abilities. Meet most Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Activities Fund


The Cadet Activities Fund is a club devoted to planning and executing fund raising activities for Orleans Battalion. They take part in events such as Tulane University Baseball and Basketball games.



Caduceu sis a club meant for cadets who are interested in becoming Medical Service Corps officers and physicians. Topics of discussion are about military health care and often involve Active Duty and Reserve guest speakers.

Orleans Guard


The Orleans Guard is for those who enjoy the discipline and timing of true drill and ceremony. The Orleans Guard has participated in all manner of events: from Saints games, to award ceremonies.

Pathfinder club


The pathfinder Club is for those Cadets who enjoy continually improving their skills in land navigation. Whether they are acutely adept at land navigation, or feel they have room to improve, the Pathfinder club helps Cadets establish the confidence they will need in real-world situations.

Ranger Company


Ranger Company is a club created for those Cadets focused on honing their tactical skills. Meetings focus on combat operations as well as physical training. Eleven Cadets are chosen yearly from the Ranger Company for the Ranger Challenge team.

This elite team will train for months for the Ranger Challenge Competition held at Ft. Benning, GA. The Cadets will have the chance to compete on an actual Ranger training obstacle. Beware, Ranger Challenge is not for the weak-hearted, it will push your body to limits. Are you Ranger Challenge material?

Recruiting club


The mission of the Recruiting Club is to promote new member growth and public awareness through knowledge, community events, and The FRAGO monthly newsletter.

Scabbard and Blade club


The Scabbard and Blade Club is an inter-service club. This means that Army Navy and Air Force Cadets may participate. The club was founded on the principles of community service, volunteerism, tactical and practical proficiency, and academic excellence.

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