Summer Scholars: Caroline Blatt 

Sophomore Scholar Caroline Blatt '18 went from the Altman study abroad program in Costa Rica this summer straight to a ten-week internship at Dodge & Cox, an investment management firm in San Francisco. She tells us about her amazing experience below:

This past summer I was very fortunate to intern at Dodge & Cox, a highly-regarded value investment manager. As part of my 10-week Operations internship, I was placed in the Treasury Department. I had the opportunity to support critical fund accounting initiatives. My main project was the publication of Semi-Annual Reports for the six Dodge & Cox U.S. mutual funds, whose assets total $200 billion. This work included the calculation and compilation of constituent data, interfacing with Dodge & Cox’s Treasury, Communications, and Legal departments, and external financial printers for document drafting through to printing and SEC filing. I was also involved in the preparation and analysis of second quarter ordinary income dividend distributions from the U.S. Funds as well as the filing of all 2014 federal, state, and foreign tax returns for the Funds, which included preparing review comments for the public accounting firm. I proofed Semi-Annual Reports for Dodge & Cox’s non-U.S. UCITS funds, and performed special income allocations for senior management and Dodge & Cox Inc.’s seed investments in those Funds. Finally, I was responsible for completion of Errors and Omissions/Directors and Officers (E&O/D&O) and Fidelity Bond insurance applications, including over 120 exhibits, pitch books for underwriters, and U.S. Funds’ Board of Trustee’s materials. Outside of my regular projects, I participated, along with the 12 other interns, in a six-week valuation course taught by the Director of Research at Dodge & Cox. We also had the opportunity to attend Bloomberg Intern Training Seminars and sit in on various research and policy committee meetings. It was an amazing experience to not only participate in real-world financial and accounting projects, but also to work with a fascinating and driven group of interns and Dodge & Cox employees. 


Caroline at Dodge & Cox, Summer 2015

Caroline, on the left, working hard with her fellow interns in their office overlooking San Francisco Bay.

The Altman Experience: Rising Sophomore Study Abroad

As rising Altman freshmen were preparing to begin their Tulane and Altman careers, rising juniors were busily preparing for study abroad, and our first cohort of seniors was preparing to return to New Orleans for their final year on campus, our rising sophomores left New Orleans after exams and went to the CIAPA campus in San José, Costa Rica. On this intensive study abroad program, students completed two courses and the first tier of their public service. The students completed interviews with local experts on Globalization, Human Rights and other topics in order to produce podcasts for Enlaces Américas, a podcast series hosted by Tulane's Stone Center for Latin American Studies. The Altman podcasts are now available on Tulane's Enlaces Soundcloud page.

The Altman Experience: The Spring 2015 Altman End-of-Year Picnic

After two weeks of thunderstorms, the Altman crew lucked out last week for our end-of-year picnic at the Fly in Audubon Park! We welcomed our freshmen and sophomores who were finishing up their semesters to mingle with the few juniors who had made it back to campus following their study abroad experiences! It was definitely exciting for our juniors to speak with the freshmen who were in the midst of preparing for their upcoming month studying in Costa Rica! Below is a picture of the Altman Program Manager, Natalia Porto, with three of those freshmen, Danny, Will and Robert! 

 Natalia and the boys at the Fly

The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Decoding the Secret Language of the International Monetary Fund"

Dr. Michael Breen, a lecturer in International Relations at Dublin City University, whose research is concerned with international political economy and the role of the International Monetary Fund in the global economy, spoke at Tulane University on April 8, 2015, at a talk co-sponsored by the Altman Program and the Department of Political Science. His talk, titled "Decoding the Secret Language of the International Monetary Fund," was geared towards students with an interest in Political Science, International Development and Business, as well as students in a variety of disciplines who may plan to work in a number of jobs with an international focus. 

A well-regarded scholar in his field, Dr. Breen has published many articles on these topics. He is the author of The Politics of IMF Lending (2013). In 2015, he is Principal Investigator of POLSENT: Policy, Sentiment and Financial Markets, a project funded by the Irish Research Council. The project will produce a new index of economic policy change using automatic content analysis. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Political Studies Association of Ireland. He graduated with a BA, MA and PhD from University College Dublin. (Biography from


"Trashing the University to Save the Environment" Review featured in the New Wave

Dr. Toby Miller visited campus on March 16 and gave a speech in the Qatar Ballroom in an event co-sponsored by the Altman Program. Claire Davenport, in the New Wave, reported that "Miller emphasized the importance of creating a liberal arts program that focuses on fostering creativity in students to allow them to attack environmental issues." Read the rest of Davenport's write-up in the New Wave. 

The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Trashing the University to Save the Environment"


The Altman Program in International Studies and Business is proud to co-sponsor a talk by Dr. Toby Miller, "Trashing the University to Save the Environment." The talk will take place Monday, March 16 at 6:00 PM in the Qatar Ballroom of the LBC. Dr. Miller is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose teaching and research covers the media, sports, labor, gender, race, citizenship, politics and cultural policy, as well as the success of Hollywood overseas and the adverse effects of electronic waste. His talk will "focus on the art of waste, notably electronic or e-waste, and the art of labor." By using a perspective that crosses various disciplines, such as political economy, environmentalism and cultural studies, he will discuss the "material relations of meaning and the interplay of cultural subjectivity, ecology and power." He aims to refute the notion that "objects lack meaning or meanings exists independently of objects." 

You can view more information about the event on the Tulane University calendar!

The Altman Program Co-presents: "From Mao to the Mediterranean: The Political Origins and Economic Impact of Chinese Migration to Europe"


On Monday, February 23, 2015, Dr. Calvin Chen, Associate Professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke College, gave a talk about Chinese Migration to Europe. 

Scholars frequently note the global significance of China's economic resurgence while others highlight the transformative impact of Chinese immigration on local communities, especially in Europe. Almost none, however, treat the two developments as intertwined. By contrast, this presentation shows how Chinese economic dynamism (over 1 billion euro invested in Spain over the last 10 years) is deeply connected to the revitalization of Spanish industrial districts and neighborhoods. It also reveals how that perceived economic power has fragmented existing understandings of diversity and social inclusion and forced both the Spanish and Chinese to reassess fundamental notions of authority and citizenship. 

This event is co-sponsored by the Charles E. Dunbar, Jr., Fund of the Department of Political Science and the Altman Program in International Studies and Business. 


The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Death in Paradise" by Dr. Andy Pearson

Dr. Andy Pearson visited Tulane in January of 2015 to discuss the discovery of a mass slave burial site on Saint Helena, a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Pearson is a faculty member at the University of Bristol in the UK and an archaeological consultant whose work covers both commercial projects and heritage management. Archaeologists made the discovery as construction began on the first airport on the island. 

In addition to delivering the lecture, "Death in Paradise: Archaeology & the Atlantic Slave Trade on Saint Helena Island," Dr. Pearson met with students from Tulane and other New Orleans universities for an informal discussion on the intersection of commercial and academic archaeology projects in light of the confrontation between the Saint Helena airport project and the discovery of the Atlantic Slave Trade Burial Site in its footprint. You can read more about the discovery on Dr. Pearson's website.


The Altman Program Co-Presents: "When Academia Meets Aid"

Dr. Alan Fenwick, Professor of Tropical Parisitology, will speak at Tulane on Wednesday, November 5th at 7 PM about his work on the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) in the Department of  Infection Disease of Epidemiology at Imperial College London. The SCI is a collaborative project to assist countries in Sub-Saharan Africa control schistosomiasis, intestinal helminths and other Neglected Tropical Diseases. During 2013, SCI reached the milestone of having assisted the delivery of 100 million treatments against schistosomiasis in Africa and the Middle East. 

Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease that leads to chronic ill-health and affects more than 200 million people in developing countries, 85% of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 600 million people are at risk oof contracting schistosomiasis because they live in tropical regions where water supply and sanitation are inadequate or non-existent. More information about Dr. Fenwick's work and courses is available on his Imperial College website.

The event will take place in Roger's Memorial Chapel and is open to the public. 

TEA - Alan Fenwick

The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Guantanamo Post 9/11: Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Modern America"

The Guantanamo Public Memory Project's traveling exhibit will be housed on the Tulane University campus from September 15 - October 30, 2014. The opening public event, "Guantanamo Post-9/11: Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Modern America," will be held on Thursday, September 18th at 6 PM in Jones Hall 204. The talk will be given by Jess Bravin, author of Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay, Danny LeBeouf, a Tulane Law alumna and director of the ACLU John Adams Project and James Yee, Former US Army Chaplain and author of For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire

The traveling exhibit seeks to build public awareness of the long history of the US naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while fostering dialogue on the future of the place and the policies it shapes. Founded within Columbia University's Institute for the Study of Human Rights in 2009, the project will be hosted by a number of universities and cultural centers in the US and abroad. In New Orleans, it will move to the Ashe Cultural Center following its stay at Tulane.


As part of a semester-long service learning project conducting in tandem with the exhibit, Tulane undergraduates produced a body of original research covering five principle areas: Gender and Sexuality; Race; Visual Culture; Latin American Perspectives; and Intersections between New Orleans and Gitmo. The work was undertaken as part of Allison Caplan's Introduction to Latin American Studies course during the fall semester. All of the research is available on the courses website.

The Altman Program in the News: Jeffrey Altman in Visit to Tulane Campus

"Spend your time wisely and use your youth to learn and experience as much as possible," said Jeffrey Altman during the gathering with Altman Scholars in Spring 2014. This and other pieces of advice came Altman, benefactor of Altman Program. He also listened to what the Scholars had to say about their place and progress in the program. Read about the visit in this article from Tulane Magazine.

Altman's Best Investment

The Altman Program Speaker Series: Jose Fuentes

Jose Fuentes, a co-founder of the open-source translation website Duolingo, visited Tulane on March 20, 2014 to speak to students about entrepreneurship in the digital world. Work on Duolingo began at Carnegie Mellon University where Fuentes was a research fellow with reCAPTCHA founder Luis von Ahn. Since its founding in 2011, Duolingo has grown to more than 25 million users and has been able to secure over $38 million USD in funding. 

Since leaving Duolingo in 2013, he has been the head of product and technology at Savory, a NY based venture redefining the food delivery industry. He is also the author of Rising Technomass, in which he considers a future in which people are deeply connected and organized by technology, outside of our traditional institutional structures, such as governments and megacorporations. 

Jose Fuentes


The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Can the Creative Economy Save New Orleans? Global Lessons"


Dr. Andy Pratt was the keynote speaker for Tulane's City, Culture and Community graduate student symposium, Framing Cities: Understanding Equities of Place. The three-day event also featured presentations and panels by graduate students from throughout the region exploring issues relevant to contemporary cities, including community development, cultural heritage, environment, and economic revitalization. The event took place February 12-14, 2014 on the Tulane University campus. For a full schedule of events, please visit the Framing Cities website.


Dr. Pratt is an internationally renowned critical scholar of cultural geography. He has written over 100 peer-reviewed articles and several books on the topic of creative industries and creative economies. He has been an advisor on cultural policy in the UK and a consultant for the quantification of creative economy for the United Nation's Conference on Trade and Development. He recently moved from his post at Kings College, London to direct the newly formed Creative Industries program at City College, London.


           Dr. Pratt speaking at the conference

The Altman Program Scholars in the News: Ethan Levy

Ethan Levy, one of 15 students in the first cohort of Altman Scholars, has been recently featured in Tulane's School of Liberal Arts newsletter. As the article pointed out, Ethan is a natural-born entrepreneur. While in middle school, he devised a way to profit when his friends outgrew their basketball shoes - shoe4you, a service to buy and sell last season's speakers. So, when it came time to choose a college, Tulane was a natural fit since the university is experiencing a fast-growing culture of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Read here about Ethan and Ethan's projects in his first year at Tulane and Altman.


The Altman Program Speakers' Series: The Rise of China (Lecture Series)

The Altman Program in International Studies and Business is proud to co-sponsor a lecture series entitled "The Rise of China."  The lectures will happen throughout March and April 2013 and will bring to Tulane scholars from Harvard, Southern Methodist and Stanford Universities. You can read more about the event here: The Rise of China.



The Altman Program Co-Presents: "Amnesty and Transitional Justice in Brazil After 20 Years of Constitutional Rule of Law: Why Now?"

In 2011, following 20 years of military rule in Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff approved the formation of the Comissa Nacional de Verdade (National Truth Commission). The task of the Commission was to investigate human rights violations in Brazil between 1946 and 1988, including the period of military dictatorship between 1964 and 1985. Marcelo D. Torelly will come to Tulane to deliver a lecture on the Commission, specifically the timing of it. 

Torelly is a visiting research fellow at Harvard Law School who served as an adviser to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice on Transitional Justice issues and the manager of the Transitional Justice Exchange and Development Program (a joint project of Brazil's federal government and the UNDP), in addition to teaching law at Brasilia Catholic University. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, December 4th at 4:00 PM in Weinmann Hall 110, followed by a reception. For more information about Mr. Torelly and Transitional Justice in Brazil, head over to the blog of Dr. Rebecca J. Atencio, associate professor of Brazilian Cultural Studies at Tulane University and  author of Memory's Turn: Reckoning with Dictatorship in Brazil.

Marcello Torelly

The Altman Program in the News: Altman Scholars, Global Citizens

The Newcomb-Tulane Collegian & Review, produced by the Newcomb-Tulane College Office of Cocurricular Programs, has just published the article about the Altman Program. Entitled "Altman Scholars, Global Citizens", the article features one of the Altman Scholars '16, Kaila Lopez. Read more here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 3


The Altman Experience: The Fall 2012 Altman TIDES

The 15 students that make up each Altman cohort will take one class together each semester while studying at Tulane. The Altman TIDES course was the first of these cohort experiences. With an eye towards producing truly exception global citizens, Altman TIDES introduced students to the rich cultural fabric of New Orleans by examining past and present contributions made by peoples of different ethnicities and races. In the final week of this class, the group first met with the Director for Industrial Development for the Port of New Orleans, Mr. Chris Bonura. Students explored the confluence of government, politics, business, culture and economic influences in New Orleans. Two days later the group embarked on one of the port's boats to reflect on New Orleans from the Mississippi River, while exploring the port's buildings and structures and, of course, the beautiful mighty river itself.

Port tour2 small


The Altman Program Speakers' Series: Squaring Russia's Monoculturalism with Multinationalism: Is Transnationalism the Solution?

Sergey Akopov, an associate professor at the Saint Petersburg North-West Presidential Academy of Public Administration (Russia), spoke at Tulane on November 14, 2012. The lecture, entitled "Squaring Russia's Monoculturalism with Multinationalism: Is Transnationalism the Solution" was sponsored by the Altman Program. Read more on Sergey Akopov on "Squaring Russia's Monoculturalism with Multinationalism: Is Transnationalism the Solution?"




The Altman Program in the News: New Program Aims to Produce Global Scholars

This fall, Tulane University launched a new interdisciplinary program aimed at preparing students to take on the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world. It combines business savvy with global thinking say professors of practice Myke Yest and Casey Love, who co-direct the program. Read more >>>


The Altman Program in the News: $8.3 Million Gift Funds New Dual Degree

The Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation has pledged $8.3 million to Tulane University to establish a new dual-degree program in business and international studies. Similar programs are available at only a handful of select universities nationwide. Read more >>>


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