The Altman Program in International Studies and Business combines the curricula of two undergraduate degree programs: the School of Liberal Arts and the A. B. Freeman School of Business.  Students may major in finance, management, marketing, or legal studies at the Freeman School and may major in approved social science, area studies or language disciplines within the School of Liberal Arts. The link between the two majors in the schools is the interdisciplinary “Altman Core,” the curricular focus of the Altman Program, which includes a common experience every semester, a summer group immersive experience abroad, a junior year abroad experience, and integrative seminars in the senior year.

The “Altman Core” includes:

  1. Language instruction every semester of the freshman and sophomore years.
  2. A special Tides section for Altman students, “The Global in the Local,” focused on the contributions of diverse cultural groups to the cultures and businesses of New Orleans and the region.
  3. Courses in Globalization and Inter-Cultural Communication: ISIB 1010 and ISIB 2010 (see below).
  4. Rising sophomore summer study abroad program in the developing world (with mandatory service learning component) directed by Tulane faculty.
  5. Year-long study abroad in the junior year.
  6. At least one summer internship experience.
  7. Integrative senior seminars in fall and spring semesters (ISIB 6010 and 6020).






Freshmen Year

Altman TIDES Seminar: The Global in the Local

ISIB 1010: Intro to Globalization

ISIB 2010: Inter-Cultural Communication and Business

Sophomore Year

International Business Modeling

Management Communication

Advanced Language Training and/or Internship

Junior Year

Study Abroad

Study Abroad


Senior Year

ISIB 6010: Approaches to Global Dilemmas

ISIB 6020: Altman Senior Seminar


Here are some sample four year curricula based on Business Major:

  • Finance
  • Legal Studies
  • Management - Consulting
  • Management - Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing


Altman Core Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Altman program, students will:

  • gain theoretical knowledge of global economies, politics, and cultures;
  • develop inter- and cross-cultural awareness and competency;
  • gain a high level of proficiency in a foreign language;
  • develop an understanding of citizenship at the local, national, and global levels, and provide service to these communities;
  • synthesize and integrate knowledge gained in business and liberal arts curricula.


Study Abroad

Rising Sophomore Summer Study Abroad Program in the Developing World

Led by Tulane faculty, this 4-5 week program will offer students the core course in finance for the BSM (FINE 3010) and a new course on Inter-Cultural Communication and Business (ISIB 2010).  Fully subsidized by the Altman program, students will have the opportunity to explore as a group the cultural and business practices of a region where they would be unlikely to do their junior year study abroad.

As part of the Summer Program, ISIB 2010 will be structured as a lens through which students will see and experience first-hand how the global issues they explored in ISIB 1010 are played out in a specific part of the world.  The course will also pay particular attention to how culture interrelates with and affects all communicative processes, including business ones:  being able to communicate across cultures is imperative to our ability to function in a diverse workplace, city, and world.  The course’s mandatory service learning component will allow them to observe first hand how cultural, national, and socioeconomic identities shape communication.

The Altman Program covers all costs of this summer program.


Full-Immersion Junior Year Study Abroad Programs

All Altman scholars spend at least one semester, preferably a full year, studying at a university in a region where the language they have chosen to study is spoken. While abroad, they learn how to interact in environments that are culturally, linguistically, socially, politically and economically very different from their own. Encountering and making sense of those differences while learning to live, study, work and thrive under them is an essential and meaningful component of the Program. Many times, it is also a defining moment in students’ development as individuals, scholars, and professionals.

All students are required to take classes in their target language alongside other local university students and generally have the opportunity to live with a family. Students are not permitted to attend “island programs” where students enroll in specially designed courses for U.S. students, and the Altman Program regularly evaluates its abroad programs to ensure that a maximum degree of immersion is obtained.  All abroad programs are also approved by the Office of Study Abroad and the A. B. Freeman School of Business.

Altman-approved Study Abroad Programs:

  • Chinese-speaking countries – China (Beijing)
  • French-speaking countries – France (Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Rheims, Strasbourg) and Morocco (Rabat)
  • German-speaking countries – Austria (Innsbruck and Vienna) and Germany (Berlin, Hohenheim,  Jena, Koblenz)
  • Italian-speaking countries – Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Venice)
  • Portuguese-speaking countries – Brazil (Salvador da Bahia and São Paulo) and Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Spanish-speaking countries – Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogotá), Mexico (Monterrey), Spain (Granada and Madrid)

Students receive a $2,000 stipend to help offset study abroad expenses.

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