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Peer Educators

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Peer Educators are a select group of students who excel academically and stand out as leaders on campus. They foster success in and out of the classroom by providing support, motivation, and accountability to fellow students through peer coaching in a 1-on-1 or group setting. Their approach is customized to meet students where they are and help guide them to where they want to go, academically and personally. They offer a variety of academic resources and personal development services such as:

Additionally, many of our Peer Educators are trained and certified through the BACCHUS Network.


What is a Certified Peer Educator?
A comprehensive, 12-hour foundation training suitable for any collegiate peer education group. The training concentrates on the skills needed by all peer educators to:

  • become a caring helper to others
  • provide awareness on health and safety risks
  • make referrals of students at risk to professionals
  • conduct educational programs and events
  • increase their leadership abilities
  • increase awareness of personal wellness
  • teach team building

Tulane Academic Success Center-1st Floor, Science & Engineering Lab Complex, Bldg #14 - 504-865-5103