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MI Advantage™ helps individuals recognize their unique intellect, boost confidence, improve academic performance, strengthen intelligences, and examine recommended careers. Multiple intelligences have been used successfully by career development professionals and thousands of students at schools around the world. MI Advantage provides valuable information about an individual’s intelligence levels and reveals ways to increase learning and employment potential.

Intelligences at School

Schools traditionally focus on math and language intelligence in their subject matter and in measurement of student ability, but not everyone processes information in the same way. This causes students with talents in other areas to struggle through school. Multiple intelligence theory allows students with a wide variety of talents to develop and thrive in a learning environment.
MI Advantage identifies an individual’s unique intellect based on an evaluation of their strengths in nine distinct intelligences.

MI Advantage
’s report can help individuals:

  • identify natural intelligence strengths and challenges
  • discover ways to improve every intelligence
  • improve academic performance (if in school)
  • achieve greater employment potential
  • match potential careers to their top strengths
  • learn how to better deal with stressors
  • heighten self-awareness, and
  • boost self-esteem and confidence levels

Every personal report includes:

  • an introduction to multiple intelligences theory
  • a clear description of each intelligence
  • a visual bar graph with intelligence scores and how it relates to daily life
  • examples of famous people who demonstrate strengths in a particular intelligence
  • how each intelligence is used in school (8th grade to college)
  • practices to better use intelligences in school (8th grade to college)
  • how each intelligence is used in the workplace (adults)
  • methods to leverage intelligences in the workplace (adults)
  • careers matched to the individual’s top intelligences
  • cross-intelligence strengthening strategies
  • recommended activities and strategies to develop each intelligence

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