Success Coaching

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Success is personal. Let us help you get there.

Tulane Success Coaches partner with pre-selected students to help them achieve academic, personal, and career success. Students will attend one-on-one meetings with professional coaches on a regular basis. Additionally, coaches are available to check in with students between meetings, via phone or e-mail.

Students who are interested in participating in Success Coaching may apply to meet with a coach; additionally, parents, faculty, and staff may nominate students who they think will benefit from coaching.

Success Coaches collaborate with Academic Advisors, Career Advisors, Peer Educators, Student Affairs staff, and faculty to maximize students' success and opportunities for enrichment.


Which resource is right for you?

Success Coach:

  • I want to meet with someone on a regular basis to ensure I am on track.
  • I am having trouble staying organized and keeping up with all of my assignments.
  • I am not sure if I am studying effectively. I want to learn new study strategies. 
  • College has been difficult. Learning to live with new roommates, keeping up with my school work, and feeling connected to the campus has been a struggle. I would like support with the transition.
  • I feel a lot of stress and anxiety around my personal life and school work. Who can help me make plans to alleviate these negative feelings?
  • I am looking for action, accountability, and more follow through.
  • I want to meet with someone to process through my concerns to ensure I am making good decisions for myself.
  • I want to build awareness.

Academic Advisor:

  • I want to meet with someone 2 or 3 times a semester to discuss my classes.
  • I am wondering when I will graduate.
  • Should I drop a course?
  • I have questions about registration.
  • I want to declare my major.
  • I am uncertain about university policies, regulations, programs, and procedures.
  • I have questions about study abroad or transfer credits.
  • I need more information on withdrawal, probation, quality of work, and progress towards degree.


  • I am experiencing pain and trauma. I cannot think about school until this is fixed.
  • I am seeking a way to resolve past pain and conflict.
  • I am feeling extremely depressed or anxious. I often do not feel like myself.
  • I am experiencing drug and alcohol misuse.
  • I am having suicidal ideations.

Are you ready to participate in success coaching this semester?
Circle Yes or No for each of the following statements:

  1. I am genuinely interested in coaching, independently of others who may be encouraging me to apply         

                   Yes        No

  2. I can be relied upon to be on time or notify the coach if running late/can’t make a meeting              

                   Yes        No

  3. I am open to experimenting with new and different approaches to academic and personal tasks                     

                   Yes        No

  4. I am interested in personal reflection and self-discovery                                           

                   Yes        No

  5. I am willing to modify or eliminate behaviors that limit my success   

                   Yes        No

  6. I will provide honest feedback to the coach about the coaching process

                   Yes        No

  7. I will take ownership over my goals/actions and the outcomes of those actions

               Yes        No                         
Coaching Readiness Scale:
Yes to 5 or more: Apply for Success Coaching today!
Yes to 3 or 4: Call to find out more about the Success Coaching program
Yes to 2 or fewer: Consider Success Coaching for a future semester

Phone: (504) 865-5103