How to Register with Gibson Online

Review the video tutorial to review how to register for courses, interpret registration error messages, and use wait lists where available. 

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Instructions for Registering in Gibson Online

To begin, log in to Gibson online using your Tulane e-mail user name and password.  If you are not able to login please contact the Help Desk at 866-276-1428. 

Once you are in the system, notice there are two tabs: Home and Student.  Click on the Student Tab.

From the Student Tab, you have access to all of the online systems available at Tulane, including personal data, registration and academic history, financial aid, and accounts receivable information, the Tulane bookstore, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, and other valuable resources.

During open registration periods, you will see a priority time ticket displayed with your messages.  This gives you the specific date and time at which you may begin to register.  If you have not been assigned a priority registration time please contact the Registrar’s Office at 865-5231.

Once you have begun registration, you may continue to adjust your schedule until the deadline to add, and the subsequent deadline to drop, according to the dates published in the online academic calendar


To add courses to your schedule, select the Register Add/Drop menu option from the Student tab in Gibson.

In the lower part of the screen are a series of empty fields.  Enter here the five-digit course reference number (CRN) for each course you wish to add.  Once you have entered all of your desired CRNs, click the Submit Changes button.  Note: when a course has a mandatory co-requisite as with lab science or some public service courses, you must add both CRNs and submit them simultaneously. 

If the system is unable to add you to a course, you will receive an error message describing the reason.  Common error messages include:

  • Closed - ## Waitlisted.  (Solution: Join the wait list, or select an open section/course.)
  • College restriction.  (This usually indicates a course either restricted to students in the School of Continuing Studies, or to students in a particular major/school.  Solution: Select an unrestricted course.)
  • Co-requisite required.  (Solution: Add co-requisite course numbers simultaneously.)
  • Maximum hours exceeded.  (Solution: If eligible, contact your academic advisor for an override of max credits.)
  • Prerequisite or Language Placement Error.  (Solution: Check that you have taken the needed pre-requisite, or that you have the appropriate foreign language placement.)

When you finalize registration of your courses, you can close the Register Add/Drop Classes window.   Gibson Student will reappear and the Student Service channel will display.  You can click on the “My Schedule” link for the applicable semester to review information on your registered courses. Notice that My Schedule will display course meeting times and days, location and instructors.   Also, waitlisted courses will display your priority on the waitlist.


To drop a course in which you are already enrolled, select the Register Add/Drop menu option from the Student tab in Gibson.

Next to each of your courses under the Action heading is a drop-down menu.  For the course you wish to drop, select “Dropped/Deleted” from the menu of the course you wish to drop.

Click the Submit Changes button.

Remember you may not drop a course if that will cause you to fall below the minimum 12 credit hours required of all full-time students.
Be aware that dropping a course that has a co-requisite will also cause the co-requisite course to be dropped.  For example, if you drop a lab section, you will also be dropped from the co-requisite lecture.  To change sections of a course without changing its co-requisite, consult the appropriate academic department or the Registrar for assistance.

Wait List

If you attempt to add a course that is full, you will receive an error message indicating that the course is closed, and how many students are already on the wait list, if any.
Below the error message, the course should appear with a drop-down menu.  If you would like to add your name to the wait list, select “Waitlisted” from the menu. 

Click the Submit Changes button.

If a seat becomes available in the course, and you are the next student on the waitlist, you will receive an automated e-mail inviting you to join the class.  From the time of receipt of this e-mail, you have 48 hours to join the class.  If you do not enroll by the end of this 48-hour period, you will be dropped from the wait list and the open seat will be offered to the next eligible student.

To enroll from the waitlist, select the Register Add/Drop menu option from the Student tab in Gibson.

You should see all of your courses, including those in which you are enrolled and those for which you have waitlisted.  Under the Action heading, there is a drop-down menu for each course.

For the waitlisted course you are invited to join, select “Web Registered” from the appropriate drop-down menu.

Click the Submit Changes button.

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