Special Programs for Pre-Law Students

Tulane University Law School offers two programs for eligible students at Newcomb-Tulane College.


Pre-law Acceptance Program candidates complete the full four years of the normal baccalaureate program and are guaranteed admission to Tulane Law School so long as they fulfill the requirements described below. Only students who complete all four years of college at Tulane (with the exception of the junior year abroad through Tulane) are eligible for this program. Students are expected to follow an academically rigorous program. 

Students who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in all undergraduate course work and a score of 162 or higher on the LSAT are guaranteed admission to Tulane Law School within two years of the completion of the BA or BS degree. Admission is conditioned on meeting the character and fitness requirements of Tulane Law School. Candidates must apply for admission by January 1st of the year in which they wish to enroll; applications must be complete by February 1st. 


Qualified undergraduates of Newcomb-Tulane College may apply for admission to Tulane Law School during the junior year. If admitted, students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be the senior year. At the successful conclusion of that year, the BA or BS is awarded. After two more years of full-time law study, the JD is awarded. This program enables students to receive the BA/BS and the JD in six years. 

Students wishing to apply to Tulane Law School under the 3/3 Program should take the LSAT during the summer between the sophomore and junior years, or during the fall semester of the junior year. In order to apply for the 3/3 Program you must:

♦ First, meet with a pre-law advisor to discuss your interest and eligibility. Ideally, this would take place at the end of your sophomore year or at the beginning of your junior year.

♦ Second, complete the eligibility form provided by the pre-law advisor. This entails gathering the signature of your major advisor who can certify that you will have completed all of your major requirements by the end of your junior year. You will also need the signature of your academic advisor, who can certify that you will have complete all of your core requirements by the end of your junior year (6 semesters). You must complete your core and your major requirements by the end of your junior year in order to be eligible for the program. Your first-year law courses can only count towards the 120 credit hours necessary to graduate from NTC--not towards your core curriculum or major.

♦ Third, apply to Tulane Law School. The online application is available here.

This joint degree program is also available to students in Tulane's School of Continuing Studies. Students must have earned 91 credit hours (rising senior status) to be eligible for the program. Consult with the prelaw advisor to learn more about the program requirements for students who are not enrolled in Newcomb-Tulane College.

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