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  • Make this a good year academically. Law school admissions committees review applicant's grades in their search for focused and hard working students. If you hope to attend law school immediately after graduation, your junior year grades will be the most recently completed and, thus, reported.

  • Students perform best on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) when they take it in June following their junior year. Prepare for the examination in the spring of your junior year. Explore the option of taking a commercial preparation class. Sample tests are available in the LSAT registration booklet. Applicants may purchase a book of past LSAT exams from the Law School Admissions Service.

  • To gauge your proficiency, sit for mock LSAT examinations offered on campus throughout the year.

  • Write for or download law school catalogues and applications in August following your junior year. Most law schools print new materials in late summer.

  • Learn as much as you can about the legal profession by reading, talking to attorneys and law students, internships, law related summer jobs, and taking part in campus prelaw activities.

  • Visit prospective law schools where possible.

  • Prepare faculty members to write supportive recommendations for you in the spring. Most law schools request two recommendations. Faculty who know you well and for whom you have done your best work write the most persuasive recommendations.

  • Some law schools require dean's certifications of good academic and disciplinary standing. Know your academic advisors and deans so that they may confidently and coherently endorse you to law schools which require dean's certifications.

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