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Freshman/Sophomore Years

  • Choose a balanced and diverse course of study.
  • Select classes which encourage logical reasoning and writing skills.
  • Participate in law related activities on or off campus.
  • Develop a personal relationship with two or more faculty members.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Join Tulane's free Prelaw Society.
  • See the Freshman and Sophomore Timeline page for more details.

Junior Year

Senior Year

  • Request application materials from law schools.
  • Revise your personal statement.
  • Conclude arrangements for letters of recommendation.
  • Have your transcript sent to LSDAS.
  • Obtain financial aid forms.
  • Finalize and post applications during September, if possible.
  • By mid-January, make sure law schools received applications, LSDAS reports, letters of recommendation, and dean's certifications where required.
  • Thank recommenders and advise them of application results.
  • Send your final transcript to the law school you accepted.
  • Notify schools which offered admittance and which you will not attend that you have accepted another law school seat.
  • See Senior Timeline page for more details



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