Over three decades of doctoral research provides compelling evidence that an understanding of learning styles profoundly affects the achievement and success of students in a learning environment. These unique and innate environmental, emotional, sociological and physical preferences are critical to learning. Consider the impact that quiet and sound, food and drink, light and temperature, time of day, learning style (auditory/visual/kinesthetic) and more has upon an individual. Recognizing these strengths and inclinations is the key to unlocking a student’s natural learning style.

The Learning Style Inventory diagnoses students’ unique learning styles based on an analysis of their personal preferences in 22 different areas.
The report at the core of The Learning Style Inventory can help students:

  • remain motivated and engaged in class
  • build a positive attitude toward school – and even tests
  • concentrate longer and recall new information better
  • gain greater reading comprehension, speed and accuracy
  • discover strategies for absorbing new and challenging material
  • increase scores on standardized reading and mathematics achievement tests
  • enjoy successful learning and improved grades
  • identify ways to adapt their learning environment to their individual needs
  • create an ideal and productive home study environment
  • communicate more effectively with family, friends and teachers – even those whose learning styles may differ from their own, and
  • enhance their self-esteem and self-awareness


Every student’s personal report includes:

  • an introduction to learning style theory
  • a visual summary of their preferences
  • their score for each preference
  • preference descriptions
  • strategies to improve their learning environment

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