Do What You Are® has been used since 1998 by millions of students in more than 60 countries around the world to find careers and education paths that suit who they are. Students have distinct preferences in how they take in information, make decisions, and interact with their inner and outer worlds. These inherent dispositions represent their “personality type,” their personal secret to success.

Discover career fields that studies show are more energizing, fulfilling, satisfying - and ultimately more successful - for a particular personality type. When students set more realistic long-term goals that include career selection, they can take the next step of choosing a college major to continue the process of planning and maximizing their learning experience. When students align their education, work and relationships with who they are, they will enjoy life more.

Discover Careers That Fit
Career suggestions based on stable personality traits, rather than ever-changing interests or abilities, promote more informed decision-making. Research has shown that people are happiest and most successful when their work allows them to use their greatest natural gifts. Personality type is one of the best ways of determining what those gifts are, and which occupations offer the greatest opportunity for expression.

Overcome Personal Challenges
An understanding of personality type can explain why some situations and relationships flow naturally, while others may challenge an individual and be stressful and unproductive. When students recognize where their personal challenges exist they are better able to adapt, refocus on their strengths and become a more effective and happier learner.

Every student’s personal report includes:

  • description of their personality type
  • natural strengths and blindspots
  • requirements for a satisfying college experience
  • ideal environment for a satisfying career
  • preferred learning style summary
  • interpersonal negotiating style with possible strengths and blindspots
  • insights on how to best communicate with the student (available in connected adult report only)
  • suggested careers with related majors

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