December 15, 2006

By now you have probably heard or read quite a bit about our new head football coach, Bob Toledo. The local and national media have had much to say about Bob’s success during his nearly 40-year career, his head coaching jobs at Cal Riverside, University of the Pacific and UCLA and the 13 bowl games he has coached in during his career, including seven of the traditional New Year's Day games.

But the media did not focus on the things that impressed me the most in my interviews with Bob. As one of his colleagues, former Texas A&M Head Coach R.C. Slocum said, "First of all and most importantly Bob Toledo is one heck of a man. He is a quality person.”

Among his qualities, I would say, is Bob’s unyielding insistence on recruiting and coaching players who are true student-athletes, who win championships and earn degrees, who are model athletes and model citizens.

As Bob said at the news conference announcing his hiring, “Because you're smart doesn't mean you can't be a good football player. Because your academic standards are tough doesn't mean you can't recruit good football players. We're going to recruit good student-athletes to Tulane and we will win football games. I’m not going to expect anything less than great effort and great intensity on the football field, in the classroom and in the community.”

This is a commitment that I think everyone in our university community can rally behind. Coach Toledo represents in word and deed the values and philosophy I believe should characterize intercollegiate athletics at Tulane and around the country. I ask you to welcome Coach Toledo and wish him much success in fulfilling his commitment to Tulane and our community.

Have a great weekend,


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