November 19, 2004

Good Morning:

In September I sent a Tulane University flag to J. Michael Veron, who graduated from Tulane Law School in 1974. Mike requested the flag to send to his good friend, Army Lt. Col. Bernard McLaughlin, who is stationed in Iraq.

On Sunday I was surprised to receive a photo of the flag taken on Veteran's Day at the former Presidential Palace in Baghdad. Lt. Col. McLaughlin and Marine Cpt. Eric Weiss are pictured with the flag. You can view the photo at

Lt. Col. McLaughlin reported that the Tulane flag had been carried on missions into the Red Zone and survived the BIAP road, the most dangerous stretch of road in Iraq, and the Haifa Street area, another hotbed of unrest. He told of one incident in which his attempt to fly the flag incited hostile fire.

I want to publicly thank Mike Veron and especially Lt. Col. McLaughlin and Cpt. Weiss for remembering Tulane as they face such perilous duty. We remember them, too, and all of our troops stationed overseas. And we look forward to the day when they can fly the Tulane flag again, safely, back home.

Have a great weekend,


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