November 12, 2004

Good Morning:

What do Jordan’s King Hussein, humorist Art Buchwald, playwright Lillian Hellman and actor Dustin Hoffman have in common? At one time or another, they all visited Two Audubon Place, the home of Tulane presidents and their families.

How do I know this? Well, after hearing story after story of interesting events and visitors to the president’s residence over the years, Margie has begun compiling an oral history of the home. I’m pleased to say that so far her research has not uncovered any evidence that the house is or ever has been haunted, but we have had some wonderful and enlightening conversations with past occupants of the house going back all the way to the grandson of the original owner.

As a result of this project, I had the great pleasure of discussing the house and other Tulane related topics with Herbert Longenecker, the university's 11th president, during my trip to Birmingham last week. My personal history lesson will continue this week as Margie and I visit with Lucy and Sheldon Hackney (12th president), and Margaret and Eamon Kelly (13th president).

By next summer Margie plans to complete her project, which will consist of a special DVD of these conversations as well as pages of notes and other archival information. All of this will be available to architectural students, history scholars and others interested in adding another dimension to their understanding of Tulane University.

Have a great weekend,


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