October 31, 2003

Good Morning:

Have you noticed the number of distinguished business, political and academic leaders we have attracted lately? Some of the speakers may be controversial but they are all figures whose actions effect change at the highest level of our nation and world.

In the past month alone we have welcomed Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams; Justice Department Public Integrity Chief Noel L. Hillman; World Bank Institute director for global governance and regional capacity Daniel Kaufmann; Smith Barney chairman and CEO Sallie L. Krawcheck; Bank One Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon; nationally recognized Biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine; author Tamim Ansary; Brookings Institution Islamic expert Muqtedar Khan; international legal expert Symeon C. Symeonides; and, of course, our own Mayor Ray Nagin.

Our ability to attract such noted leaders is a testament to the status we enjoy as a leading research university. I hope you were able to listen to some of these speakers and will take the opportunity to catch the exciting talks planned for the future.

Have a great Halloween weekend,


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