September 12, 2001

My Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we begin the healing process and cope with the horrific and tragic events of yesterday, I want you to know that we are continually monitoring events in our community and around the world. We are prepared to reach out to assist those in need and to be available to one another. I also want you to know that we have been in touch with our students and faculty outside the U.S. to ensure their safety and well-being. All of our emergency web sites and telephone lines have been activated and posted with relevant information so that parents, alumni and friends can keep abreast of what is happening on campus.

I am currently consulting with faculty, staff and student leaders to consider actions we can take as a Tulane community to respond to this tragedy. If you have any ideas about steps that should be taken please communicate your thoughts to any university officer, academic dean or student leader.

Last night I attended an Interfaith Service at one of the local synagogues. It was a vivid reminder of how prayers and being close to family and friends are so important at a time like this. The most poignant moment of the evening was the singing of "America the Beautiful". For the first time in years, the words brought tears to my eyes as I thought about what a privilege it is to live in freedom and in such a wonderful country. We as a community and nation will overcome this tragedy as we have other such events in the past. We will not be the same, but we will be stronger and have an even stronger resolve to devote our lives to peace, tolerance, and thoughtful and caring citizenship.


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