June 24, 2003

Good Morning:

By now you have heard or read about the outcome of the Supreme Court's decision regarding the use of race as a factor in university admissions. We are still studying the ruling in its entirety but are pleased that the court upheld the use of race-conscious admissions processes. Such processes enable universities to obtain the educationally valuable goal of a diverse student body.

This summer I will ask members of the President's Cabinet to analyze and discuss how this decision could affect the admissions processes at the undergraduate, graduate and professional schools of Tulane University. As we formulate strategy, I will communicate our plans to the university community for comment and discussion.

On a personal note, I am very pleased with the court's ruling. As I wrote in a an opinion piece ( some months ago, I believe considerations of race as one of the many factors in admitting minority students enhances the learning environment of all students. Hopefully, the court's ruling will provide an opportunity for Tulane University to be even more proactive in diversifying our study body in the future.

I will keep you posted on this important news.


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