May 7, 2001

Good Morning:

With a mixture of sadness and enormous appreciation for her service to Newcomb College, I announce to you today that Valerie Greenberg is leaving her position as Dean of Newcomb College and is taking a leave of absence as a professor from Tulane University. Valerie has been on leave as dean since last December as a result of a family illness. This situation now requires her to remain in the New York area for an extended period of time.

Valerie was named interim dean of Newcomb in July, 1997 and began her tenure as full-time dean in February, 1998. As dean she initiated the Dean's Advisory Council, a group of Newcomb Alumnae who advised the dean regarding Newcomb's present programs and future plans. Ever mindful of the crucial importance of student input, she also began the Dean's Student Advisory Council, whose members included first-year through senior-year students. It was this group's suggestion that led to the creation of the student lounge in Caroline Richardson Hall where students have a room of their own to gather, study or visit.

To encourage students to pursue research projects begun at Newcomb after they graduate, Valerie supported the creation of the Josephine Louise Fellowship program. She also supported the creation of the "IN"tensive Newcomb program, the Newcomb-sponsored living/learning community. Turning to an issue particularly close to her heart, Valerie created the Feral Cat project, an initiative that humanely and creatively addressed the cat overpopulation problem on campus.

We are all deeply grateful to Valerie for her dedication to Newcomb College, its students, and alumnae. We all hope for Valerie's speedy return to the Tulane family.

Cynthia Lowenthal, Associate Professor of English, has been serving as Acting Newcomb Dean since last December and has agreed to continue to serve in this role for the foreseeable future. Provost designee Lester Lefton will confer with all of the appropriate constituencies next fall about the timetable and process for appointing a permanent dean. In the meantime, we all want to thank Cynthia for her leadership during this critical time.


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